The tea and infusions market: the importance of sourcing

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April 16, 2019
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Teas & Herbal Infusions


The global tea and infusions market  is booming with an estimated year-on-year growth at over 5 % between 2017 and 2023.

How to take advantage of this growth? How to position oneself faced with competition? How to adapt to consumer demands?


Focus on the importance of botanical ingredients sourcing to address these questions for both tea or the infusions market.


The tea market sourcing: get off the beaten track to surprise and meet consumer expectations!


Evaluated at close to 50 billion USD in 2017, the global tea market could possibly exceed 70 billion USD in 2024 according to Statista statistics portal. To accompany this growth, botanical ingredients sourcing is of great importance as reflected in an analysis undertaken by European experts in the sector


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Experts refer in particular to market premiumisation which requires coming up with exceptional teas for a clientele of connoisseurs.

You have to go places where competitors haven’t been. The first spring harvests come to mind, from secret batches or batches coming from plantations located several thousand meters in altitude up in the Himalayas.

As for the tea market, it’s also possible to widen our horizons by reaching out to a younger with less expertise clientele, in search of new experiences. Innovation is the cornerstone. We can experiment with new combinations using a variety of treasures that nature offers us.

For example: peppermint from a specific terroir, accompanied by subtle pieces of strawberries revealing unusual and delicious notes.

And if you opt for a certified organic farming tea? Taking into account growth statistics on this market segment, experts highlight consumer’s great  interest in teas which are respectful of nature and humans.


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Infusions market sourcing: unlimited creativity for original visual and tasting delight!


+ 5,1 % growth in the global infusions market between 2017 and 2023. This MarketWatch estimation illustrates very well the revolution which is taking place in the infusions sector.

The end of the aging image of herbal tea! Infusions have succeeded in modernising and in raising the interest of a new clientele: consumers seeking natural, healthy and original products.

To meet their needs, nature offers a magnitude of solutions. We can uncover original botanical ingredients. We can imagine bridging the gap between two very different worlds. What do you think about combining moringa leaves with very vegetal notes and fresh and gourmand lemon?

The infusions market sourcing offers great liberty. Creating a new combination, also arouses emotions.

The experience is firstly visual : rose petals for a touch of romanticism, pieces of chocolate for a pinch of gourmandise. The experience continues in terms of taste. A floral taste can be given with … fragrant violets, or spiced up with ginger.


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