Why should a food supplement brand launch its own teas and infusion’s product range?

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March 25, 2021

If you’re seeking to develop your natural product’s range, infusions are certainly a sector to consider… With a market estimated at 200 billion USD in 2018 and growth which should reach 40% by 2023 (1), it is more than attractive to go with the flow and to take the plunge into this teas and infusions adventure…

Benefit from a booming market

Deeply rooted in the life of consumers, 2 out of every 3 French people drink tea and 1 out of every 2 drinks infusions. The consumption of teas and infusions has increased three-fold over the last 25 years (1). This same trend is also noted worldwide with the CAGR of the herbal tea market with an estimated 6.4% increase over the next ten coming years. (2)
Simply for pleasure or used as a remedy for everyday discomfort, infusions are supported by a clearly innovative potential. They attract new generations as 44.4% of 18–24-year-olds consume them (3), and as they are increasingly covered by the media (4), they are becoming trendier than ever before.


I would like to launch my brand of teas or infusions!


As a food supplement brand, you can take advantage of this trend and propose plants based on this new galenic. This original presentation should please food supplement users while offering new perspectives to those who assimilate nutraceuticals with allopathy and who will turn more easily towards beverages over plant-based capsules.



Accompany the habits of consumers

More than just an experience, teas and infusions reflect a daily routine no one wants to overlook.… Who has not taken the time to curl up on a sofa with a hot beverage at hand? This product synonymous with comfort, pleasure and well-being is undoubtedly a safe bet to accompany consumers on a daily level.
Teas and infusions are particularly sought out for their taste and they combine pleasure and health by proposing unique and natural flavours. As we all know, the need for naturalness is an essential parameter and a growing need for consumers at this particular time. So why not take advantage of this trend and propose plants in a different form?



Diversify your brand

  • Turn towards a brand image combining health and pleasure

Developing a tea and infusions product range will enable you to combine health and pleasure, associate your food supplements brand to different products, and accompany consumers in their daily well-being routines.

  • Widen the offers proposed to your clientele

This presentation of your plants will enable you to develop new brand visibility in a very popular and visited store aisle, which has not been considered until now. This approach also spearheads the values and the quality of your brand via a new galenic, thus gaining a greater consumption share with your clients.


  • Reach new targets

Finally, this diversification will enable you to reach new targets with people who don’t consumer food supplements and in seeking naturalness prefer finding the benefits of plants in natural raw products with low-dosed and particularly pleasant to consume formulations.


Opting for teas and infusions for your own brand is decidedly a good option but beware of preconceived ideas on their design. We’ll cover that in our next article…

download your infographic to launch your new brand of teas and infusions


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Launch its brand of teas and infusions

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