How to develop your tea and infusions product range?

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April 30, 2019
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Teas & Herbal Infusions

Driven by its high innovation potential, the teas and infusion market is booming. New stakeholders and numerous new references have appeared on the scene.

How to develop a tea and infusions product range in the current context?

Focus on 4 key points to be taken into account:

  1. The range positioning
  2. The packaging
  3. The ingredients
  4. The perfect balance

1. Establish the positioning of the tea and infusions product range


To create a tea and infusions product range, the first step is to define the positioning.

A premium product range for hotel, restaurant and catering sector? A bulk tea and infusions product range? An organic product line to meet high expectations in terms of transparency? A tea and infusions product range in bottles or cans to reach out to new clientele?

The choice of strategy will influence the entire development of a tea and infusions product range, including, the choice of botanical ingredients.

To accompany this major milestone, Natural Origins has developed a partnership with a specialised marketing agency, which proposes concrete solutions which are both innovative and in keeping with the specific characteristics of the brand.


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2. Choose the packaging


Depending on the sought after positioning, packaging can vary greatly. While the development of a tea and infusions product range is directed toward tea bags, questions can be raised regarding: 

  • the shape of the bag (« pillow bag », pyramid bag, etc);
  • the material the bag is made of (nylon, soilon…);
  • with or without a string;
  • the overwrapping of the bags or not;
  • the material the overwrapping is made of (plastic, recyclable or biodegradable paper …)
  • bulk format to reduce waste,
  • etc.

Numerous packaging possibilities also exist for tea and infusion boxes, let alone the new ready to drink formats including bottles and cans.

Like positioning, product packaging can also be dealt with by working hand in hand with the Natural Origins team and their partners. For technical deployment, we work particularly with 2 companies specialised in bagging: recognised for their know-how and which have large production volume and ideal adaptability.


3. Select good ingredients


The sourcing step is crucial when developing a tea and infusions product range. Selecting botanical ingredients will need to be adapted to sought after positioning and envisioned packaging.

For example, to develop a premium tea and infusions product range, the Natural Origins team may seek out exclusive ingredients and adapt the cutting of transparent pyramid tea bags.

The consumer as such will be able to see the selected ingredients and appreciate the quality since visual appeal is an integral part of the tasting!

Discover the supply chain marketing advantages.


4. Find a perfect balance


Of course, just selecting good ingredients to create a tea and infusions product range is not sufficient. You have to make combinations that make sense. Taste then adjust to find a perfect balance.

Work that is part of the Natural Origins' know-how and which is part of the full service offer starting from the field up to tea cup.


Natural Origins has developed a support offer for each development project needs.

Feel free to contact our team to find out more.


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Source: Innova Market Insights, Top Ten Trends for 2019, November 2018.

Teas & Herbal Infusions

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