Combine performance & taste: The solution through botanical extraction at Natural Origins

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June 01, 2023

New for food and nutraceutical stakeholders: discover how to excel in your instant drink formulations based on Natural Origins' botanical extraction which provides the following differentiating features:

  • perfect solubility,
  • emblematic botanical taste,
  • clean label declaration,
  • health claims thanks to natural active ingredients,
  • and "Made in France" design and manufacturing.


What are Clear Water Soluble extracts (CWS) and Taste Giving Extracts (TGE) ?


Our CWS or Clear Water Soluble extracts are water-soluble botanical extracts with numerous advantages:

  • they can be labelled as "natural extracts" with a health promise
  • their solubility is optimal and they guarantee crystal-clear beverages based on their low turbidity
  • the organoleptic impact of our botanical extracts is minimised and calibrated
  • in addition, we can standardise CWS with phytoactives, if needed



  • instant drinks
  • effervescent tablets
  • carbonated drinks
  • flavoured waters
  • spirits

Our TGE or Taste Giving Extracts are taste-optimised aromatic botanical extracts that add value to products thanks to the "natural extract" label. An alternative to artificial flavours, they reveal the authentic, emblematic taste of each botanical from as little as 2g/L (low dosage).



  • smoothies
  • shots
  • juices
  • ready-to-drink
  • instant drinks
  • effervescent tablets
  • carbonated drinks
  • flavoured waters
  • beers and spirits.


Click on the picture to download the infographic:

performance drink concept en



Focus on our organic, 100% natural, isotonic, low glycemic index, Performance Drink concept


Natural Origins has created a concept that illustrates all aspects of ingredients, integrating:

  • taste
  • colour
  • and performance with botanical extracts.

It's therefore a clean-label recipe.


The acerola and ginseng CWSs support the "energy" claim


The 25% vitamin C content of acerola extract (0.8% CWS) includes the following health claims (1):

  • contributes to  energy metabolism
  • the normal functioning of the immune system (2)
  • reduces fatigue...

Ginseng (0.2% CWS) is known to improve physical and mental capacities during periods of fatigue or exhaustion (3). Ginseng is a well-known and popular plant in the world of sport, performance and energy. It is an adaptogenic plant which will give a boost to people lacking in energy.


Isotonicity (4) (sugar/salt ratio) is an important parameter for sportspeople. When the drink is isotonic, its passage through the bloodstream is optimal, providing effective hydration and energy.


Hibiscus extract (0.2% CWS) provides the naturally appealing colour to the drink. 


Flavour with TGEs


Ginger and verbena TGEs are very powerful and represent alternatives to aromas that bring out the authentic taste of the botanical. Ginger is energising, with a fresh lemon note reminiscent of lemongrass and an earthy, rhizome-like base. Ginger's spiciness gives it a kick, while verbena adds a light, fresh green leaf note. The lemony taste of verbena, enhanced by a powerful zest, is much sought-after in sports nutrition, so why not take a chance on this nice Made in France flavour!



Formulation of your products and tastings with Botanical Studio®

and our workshop


At Natural Origins, we are pioneers in the creation of new concepts for the natural ingredients market. Develop your own solution with Botanical Studio®, our applications laboratory for tailor-made design of your authentic flavour innovations.

To help you create your recipes and formulations, our applications laboratory and its botanical experts will guide you from the search for ingredients to the customised design of your product.

To enable you to benefit from all the potential of our TGEs and CWSs, Natural Origins invites you to an exclusive one-day workshop so that you can create and taste your own formulations. On this occasion you will discover: 

- The sharing of our experience and support as close as possible to your project,
- Suggestions and proposals for scents, aromas and flavours of natural ingredients that will create your strong brand identity,
- Specific botanicals based on your specifications: taste, geographical origin, choice of spices, etc.
- The originality of your blend to enhance your formulation,
- Taste and botanical expertise tailored to each of your unique and confidential projects.



I would like to be invited to a workshop or for further information:

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Notes and sources :

(1) Natural Origins is working on a bibliographic and regulatory summary in order to provide as many elements as possible to support the claims considered. However, the claim upheld depends on the daily doses and the conditions of use of the finished product. It is therefore up to the manufacturer of the finished product to validate its claim. Natural Origins cannot be held responsible for claims made by brands that use its products and fact sheets.

(2) Health claims authorised by EFSA in Europe. Defined in the annex to Regulation (CE) No 1924/2006.
(3) World Health Organization (WHO).
(4) Contributes to maintaining performance during endurance exercises for an extended period.

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