Facilitate the preparation of plant-based galenic liquids: new ingredients developed by Natural Origins

Author: Emilie Leconte
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April 22, 2021

Health today is the driving force behind our food choices. The « Food & Beverages » sector must keep pace and adapt to the needs of these particularly aware and concerned modern customers.



Food and nutraceuticals, 2 worlds come together


The limit with the « Life Science & Nutrition » sector is increasingly vague and plant-based nutraceutical ingredients now apply to food trends, whether they target a health benefit or not: smoothies, dairy or tea-based beverages but also beer and other spirits, all beverages are going natural! So, the question is how to adapt and formulate galenic liquids with plants? Natural Origins presents you its latest generation extracts



Liquid form powders


In the world of nutraceuticals, soft gels, capsules and other tablets leave space for more innovative forms such as reconstituted beverages, liquid shots, etc. The agro-food sector proposes increasing natural product-based beverages which provide flavour, colour or even an aroma and by using plants is a real plus for the labelling.

While adding plants to solid formulations is straightforward, their use in liquid galenics is technically much more complicated. To facilitate their incorporation, Natural Origins has developed soluble and hydro-dispersible ingredients to meet all the food and nutraceuticals needs. Already very present on the dry extracts market, we are able to provide ingredients in all forms, in order to propose an adequate response to every product, market and client.


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New ingredients for your liquid formulations


Based on our new Soyons plant, our expertise is also supplemented. To respond to the constant demand for new solutions, we have developed a product range which can be easily incorporated into liquid products. We offer 2 technologies, 2 functions in accordance with your technical and cost constraints:


  • CWS (Clear Water Soluble extract): these are plant extracts with a calibrated organoleptic impact (hibiscus, ginger, cinnamon, elderberry, mint…). Solubility is optimised notably for clear beverages. You can opt for an extract formulated on a liquid or powder carrier according to your needs. These extracts are high quality ingredients and are a real asset for labelling your end products.

  • Optifine: Optifine is a specific technology which enables to have a plant, with extracting in powder form and sufficiently fine grain size to offer proper dispersibility in liquids. Less costly than CWS, this represents an excellent alternative for formulators seeking natural, high nutritional content ingredients (fiber, minerals, etc) for their reconstituted beverages, smoothies applications.


« Food & Beverages », « Life Science & Nutrition » but also « Herbals & Teas », were initially distinct sectors but they now complement and influence each other to meet market expectations.


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At Natural Origins, flexibility is our strong point: at the heart of these 3 sectors, we depend on each field to be able to evolve and constantly reinvent ourselves. From the ingredients to the end products, we draw on all these markets to help you think about and design your future projects…

And if we can use the same natural ingredients for nutraceutical products, infusions and spirits, why can’t we borrow some innovative packaging from the agro-food industry for teas and food supplements? Rendezvous next week in our weekly chronicle to talk to you about new packaging designs...



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