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March 23, 2023

Taste Giving Extracts or TGEs are natural extracts that capture the complete aromatic profile of a botanical (volatile fraction + main fraction) through a combination of hydro distillation, hydro alcoholic extraction and concentration processes. These extracts, from completely internalised processing, come from noble materials and sourced in a controlled manner in order to restore all organoleptic qualities. Their main objective is to provide authentic taste to formulations.


Taste Giving Extracts




These botanical extracts have multiple advantages because they are:

  • Natural and as close as possible to the original botanical in terms of taste (their low processing level allows the organoleptic complexity of the raw material to be recovered with the olfactory signature of each botanical).
  • Formulated in liquid or powder form.
  • Adapted to many types de formulations.


Great potential


In addition to their aromatic aspects, TGEs add real value to the products in which they are integrated based on their superior quality and unlimited marketing potential.
By using TGEs in your formulations, you can take advantage of the naturalness or geographical origin of the raw materials from which these extracts are derived.

These attributes can be used as differentiating marketing points to:

  • Tell the story of your product based on its composition: traceability, terroir.
  • Design a universe rich in flavours: spicy, flowery, woody or bitter formulations.
  • Give free rein to your creative desires: pleasure and health aspects, economic cost compared to other solutions based on their concentration.



TGEs references at Natural Origins


Click to discover our TGEs references in powder form

Other references available:

  • Organic vanilla bean dry extract 0.1% Vanillin TGE
  • Orange blossom dry extract TGE

Click to discover our TGEs references in liquid form


As regards TGE 0.0 (aqueous extracts adapted to non-alcoholic beverages), we propose angelica root, coriander and juniper berries...

And we remind you that all our TGEs powders, based on their formulation, are perfectly adapted to "non-alcoholic" beverages.



Examples of client applications with our TGEs


There are vast numbers of development opportunities with TGEs natural extracts and which fulfil the nutraceuticals, food and beverages (spirits, beers, sodas, lemonade...) requirements.

Below we describe some success stories of stakeholders who have found in our TGEs an ideal solution to enhance the taste of their products and thus reinforce the pleasure of consumption:




effervescentA major French manufacturer has developed an effervescent tablet to be diluted in water with our organic Nanah French sweet mint TGE reference. 

siropLeading laboratories experts in phytotherapy have marketed syrups and ampoules integrating lemon, verbena and peppermint TGEs. 




énergieA foreign leader in the food industry and an international expert in the designing and manufacturing of nutritional, functional and health products have chosen our vanilla and sweet mulberry TGEs in their formulations.

énergie drinkA large independent group dedicated to nutrition and food has chosen our black tea TGE from Rwanda for its products.

biscuit 2  A foreign company integrates ginger and rosemary TGEs in its snack cakes.  

bonbonA large French group in the confectionery sector has used our licorice TGE to delight its consumers.
lait 2A leading European food and beverage company is working on formulations based on our vanilla TGE for dairy products.



Develop new TGEs and applications with our Botanical Studio®


At Natural Origins, we are pioneers in creating new concepts in the natural ingredients market. We invite you to discover our Botanical Studio®, designed to help you develop your own creations.

In order for you to get the best out of botanicals, our team of botanical experts and our application laboratory will guide you from your search for high quality ingredients to the custom design of your authentic flavour creative  innovations.

In order to let you know all the possibilities offered by our TGEs, Natural Origins offers you workshop days to test, apply, taste & create your formulations including:


  • the sharing of our experience and an accompaniment as close to your project,
  • suggestions and proposals through the scents, aromas and flavours of natural ingredients that will create a strong identity for your brand,
  • specific botanicals according to your specifications: taste, geographical origin, choice of spices, flavour markers,
  • enhancing your formulation through the originality of your blends,
  • an expertise adapted to each of your ideas in terms of taste and botanicals.



Please feel free to contact us.

To see our entire product range, check out our online catalogue available 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK.

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