CSR: How Natural Origins accompanies its clients

Author: Emilie Leconte
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March 17, 2020

You want to be coherent and transparent in your CSR approach? You have the determination to differentiate and to provide your clients with proven commitment of responsible, sustainable and ethical consumption?


Natural Origins will listen to you and walk you through the drawing up of specifications of your ingredients sourcing based on your wishes, your capacities and time, investments and volume  constraints...


Benefit from a customised support


A personalised accompaniment…


Our partnership is reflected by growing levels of investment, based on your needs:


1. Working with Natural Origins’ already existing ethical supply chain 


We rely on numerous supply chains built around strong commitments towards the ecology and the human dimension. You can thus benefit from our supply chains which guarantee natural raw material sourced in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner.


2. Investing in a project aimed at local populations of a Natural Origins supply chain 


If you decide to further invest, you can allocate an amount to a project separate from amounts invested in raw material purchases. It is totally possible to set up infrastructures (day care centers, schools, health services, etc.) or protection equipment (improved production lines, purchase of material such as gloves, work gowns, etc) following a needs assessment of local populations as was carried out with our Harpagophytum supply chain in Namibia.


3. Establishment of certifications


In order to reassure consumers with known referentials, you can decide to position yourself on certifications and supply chain « upgrades » as we did with the For Life  label for cinnamon in Vietnam in Vietnam or cubeb pepper from Indonesia. The objective was to improve the quality of raw material while optimising communication and thus the storytelling. Our mission was to exchange with the supplier in order for him to set up the protocol necessary for validating the  labeling process.

4. Sourcing a brand new material


To go even further, you can decide to source a brand-new material and even certify it. In that case, you are even more strongly involved since you must be committed over time. Our mission is to accompany you, by providing our expertise, our know-how on the field and producers to develop a custom-made procurement supply chain and by meeting your CSR expectations.


Valuation of your product


This personalised accompaniment will allow you to fine tune your strategy and affirm your positioning in your CSR policy.  


You will be able to set apart from competitors by proposing products with local positive impact respecting your values from an environmental and social standpoint. Visual supports (photos or videos) and targets will provide consistency and weight to your speech and add value to your CSR approach.  You will be able to reassure consumers by pushing to the fore front the management of your raw materials while enhancing the image of a responsible and ethical company.  


Contact our experts today and benefit from a custom made accompaniment to promote your CSR commitments.

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