Natural Origins references for your teas and infusions product range with health claims

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June 09, 2020
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Teas & Herbal Infusions

Trendier than ever before, teas and infusions with health claims are available in every possible form. To meet the needs of an audience concerned with preserving their health, new brands have emerged and the most established operators revisit their product ranges. How to stand out in this market? How to boost one’s image and convince clients in search of naturalness?

In order to accompany professionals in their project developments, Natural Origins proposes immediately available mixtures along with custom developments. We want to offer you much more than just an ingredient, we want to offer all solutions around plants: balanced, natural, healthy mixtures from transparent supply chains which will allow you to build your storytelling and bring out your finished product.


Our immediately available mixtures


Our catalogue contains all plants references with essential « health » claims such as 100% chamomile or 100% thyme. In addition to these leading ingredients, Natural Origins has created immediately available innovative mixtures in various cut sizes while meeting the requirements of clients in terms of naturalness, transparency, and health. Our mixtures cover the main segments of the teas and infusions with health claims market: Slimming, Digestion, Sleep and Immunity, to name a few.


Download our infographics to formulate teas & infusions with health claims


As our product ranges are constantly growing, we can propose original and trendy mixtures such as « FUZI’sport » to be released shortly. This product combines the freshness of tea and the power of ginger and licorice to offer athletes revitalising and reenergising benefits with lemon balm and lemon, which provide pleasing freshness with this new 100% ORGANIC mixture.


Behind these formulations, hide thorough research work and the collaboration of experts, such as tea sommeliers, in view of reaching a perfect balance and high quality products. We guarantee exceptional sourcing and full traceability. We will give you access to producers and the discovery of their work methods.


The main part of our references are organic thus ensuring respect to the environment and to mankind. All our references are from harvests of the year to ensure our clients particularly fresh raw materials with powerful aromatic capacity and remarkable organoleptic properties. All raw materials making up these mixtures come from a specific origin making up its organoleptic profile and it is in this manner that you will find surprising flavours that will take you on a journey.


Our custom designed formulations


If you want a custom development, our Botanical Studio® can offer you exclusive "health claims" blend formulations. In playing with the catalogue of claims, combinations are endless and can help you stand out. Our experts are available to help you stand out and develop your product range based on your requests.


Together we can build your project to suit you: whether you have tight constraints in terms of price or if you wish to target a particular group, we are ready to accompany you and to quickly respond to your requests. We can advise you on improving your product’s organoleptic properties or even on the packaging. From the choice of raw materials to storytelling, we can give you the solutions for you to stand out on the teas and infusions with health claims market.


stand out in the teas and infusions market with health claims

Teas & Herbal Infusions

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