Optifine®: The botanical powder combining nutrition & health

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January 26, 2023

In the current and global context of food transition, the greening diet appears at the center of consumer concerns and occupies a position beyond a simple trend. 


Optifine® botanical powder: the right solution for plant-based alternatives


At Natural Origins, we have developed the right solution for your plant-based alternatives: our Optifine® botanical powder withits exceptional assets in perfect harmony with the contemporary objectives of naturalness on the one hand, and a strong commitment to the preservation of the environment and health on the other. These are the drivers of market development. 


Plant-based products correspond to the ecological expectations of consumers around the world:


  • 2/3 of them care about the environment, adjust their diet accordingly and 68% buy plant-based beverages for sustainability and health reasons (1).

  • Thus, between 2017 and 2021, there is a + 59% growth of dairy products with an “Energy” positioning and + 51% for those with an “Immunity” positioning (2).

  • In addition, 75% of the adult worldwide population is concerned by lactose intolerances (3).

  • The global market for plant-based alternatives is expected to reach over 162 billion USD in 2030 (4).


Multiple advantages of Optifine® powder


The Optifine® range adapts to your food formulations: snacks, chocolates, drinks… and more specifically to new innovative nutraceutical galenics such as sticks, shots, gummies…

Naturalness, botanical authenticity, health benefits and well-being attributes, taste and colour, excellent dispersibility, clean label & low manufacturing process, discover in detail all these exclusive features by downloading our infographic (click on the picture):


optifine botanical powder en



Optifine® powder: a wide range of botanical ingredients


At Natural Origins, we offer around twenty references of Optifine® powders, including fifteen of organic quality: ginkgo, ginger, green tea, etc.

Each of them is positioned on a particular health sphere (digestion, circulation, immunity, joints, etc.) which reassures the consumer about his choice of healthy products, with natural benefits and in accordance with his criteria of eco-responsibility and health.

Discover in detail all of these references and their associated health benefits by downloading our infographic.


The origin of our raw materials is always indicated and our sourcing is always transparent. Also, depending on your projects, we can source a plant with a specific origin. From the selection of your botanical ingredients to their evaluation in your recipes, Natural Origins accompanies you at every stage of your creations by ensuring that your final product has the desired taste and the optimal texture in order to satisfy your consumers.




To find out more and discover Optifine® powders by codes and origins, download our ebook:

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