Sébastien Raichon, our Extreme super sports star will be taking part in the Barkley, the world's toughest trail!

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March 14, 2024
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You'd have to be crazy to attempt this unusual race, most often described as the hardest race in the world! But ultra trail champion Sébastien Raichon is delighted to have been selected as one of the best and reveals what he's been preparing for. Find out in this article how Natural Origins is helping him to overcome this insane challenge, thanks to its Lifestyle sports nutrition products: Baobab Workout, ProPulse and Guarana Shot.


The legendary Barkley race: the mid-March 2024 sporting event!


This grueling, almost insurmountable event has just begun in Tennessee, in the heart of Frozen Head Wilderness Park. Here's an overview of this historic sporting event.

Inspired by a prisoner's escape from a penitentiary, the Barkley was created in 1986 by Gary Lazarus Cantrell, known as "Laz". It's an extraordinary marathon whose conditions are kept secret and change every year. Somewhere between a treasure hunt and an ultra trail, the 40 selected participants must complete five loops of 160 kms in total in 60 hours (i.e. 12 hours per loop), with an as yet unknown positive altitude difference of around 20,000m. All without any outside supports, neither GPS nor markers, with a rough map handed out the day before the start. In addition, a dozen or so books placed randomly along the route have to be found to certify that each runner had followed Laz's route. The latter complicates the race by disorientating participants who, having achieved the objective of completing the first lap in under 12 hours, can continue on to the second, but in the opposite direction!

In the middle of a dense forest with river crossings, off-road sections, very low temperatures at night and very high temperatures during the day, participants win the Fun Run if they complete three laps in under 40 hours. But finishing the Barkley is another story: only 18 participants have managed to surpass this physical and mental feat in 35 years!



Sébastien Raichon: a Natural Origins ambassador bursting with energy


Sébastien Raichon completed the Terminorum, the French-style Barkley, won the Tor des glaciers, etc., and has all the assets of a future winner of the legendary Barkley: "It's a real work in progress, but I'm lucky enough to be able to take part, and my aim is to finish", he confides. To give him the best possible chance, he will be accompanied by his assistant, who will meet him at the end of each lap for refreshments and moral support. The participants are counted only at the end of each lap, as there are no track markers on the race circuit.


Talking about the extraordinary Barkley marathon, Sébastien explains what motivates him: "I like orienteering and 60 hours isn't very long after all, but you have to remain humble with the Barkley, because a lot will depend on the weather! It's a big challenge, which generates a lot of emotions and memories. I've been through much more complicated things, but that doesn't keep me awake at night". We can see here that the extreme champion is not chicken-hearted and remains composed, confident and positive under all conditions!



Lifestyle product range in the race


Baobab Workout

Sébastien Raichon has become the spokesperson for our Lifestyle product range, and in particular for Baobab Workout. Enthralled by Natural Origins' sports nutrition products to support him during his sporting challenges and intensive workouts, he is keen to continue using them to fuel himself during challenging courses. And with good reason: he trains several times a week in orienteering, cycling, trail running and canoeing, and is a fan of Baobab Workout! Sébastien will be using our drink on the Barkley. He explains that "when you're exerting yourself intensely over a long period of time, it's essential to take natural nutritional solutions that are easy to drink. I love the taste of Baobab with banana, it's comforting and also mentally I know I'm nourishing my body with vitamins and minerals. Psychologically, it's essential."




To keep you going and quickly regain energy, Baobab, a real tangy treat by virtue of its composition, succeeds in combining naturalness, essential nutritional elements and gustatory pleasure. Not to mention the practicality of its single-dose sachet, essential especially for an adventurer and outdoor sportsman like Sébastien.



To go even further and compensate for water loss, Natural Origins has created ProPulse, an isotonic drink enabling optimal hydration throughout the race. Based on acerola and ginseng extract, 100% natural and rich in vitamin C, its salt, mineral and carbohydrate content compensates for water and electrolyte losses linked to physical effort. Sébastien Raichon takes ProPulse as a supplement to Baobab Workout. He reports that "the taste is light, not overpowering and not too sweet. It's very pleasant, and it really gives me a boost!


What more can we say except that this drink is ideal for intense efforts, as it is very light, easy to digest and reduces fatigue, while providing the ideal energy input with some pleasant notes of mint and raspberry.


Guarana Shot

On the merciless Barkley course, Sébastien can also enjoy Guarana Shot from our Lifestyle product range. This small guarana powder drink to be diluted, with a natural caffeine content (70mg) has a good coffee flavour.

"During long runs, the body gets tired and even mentally you have to keep going. Guarana Shot is a drink that gives me the feeling of waking up with a coffee flavour, enabling me to concentrate and stay focused! I can't wait to be in the race to drink it, it's the product you're glad to have on hand when the going gets tough."

During the race, Sébastien will alternate between Guarana Shot and a new version of Propulse, also caffeinated, to enable our great adventurer to reach his full potential to run, go the distance and stay clear-headed!

After trying Natural Origins Lifestyle products, Sébastien Raichon has definitely adopted them.  We wish him all the best for his participation in Barkley 2024 and support him in his quest to surpass himself with an adapted nutrition to the most demanding and crazy human and sporting experience!


Listen to the podcast [PASTILLE] by Sébastien Raichon “Barkley en approche" (French):



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