Why analyse the carbon footprint at Natural Origins?

As a company, we are partly responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, but we also have the possibility to be levers of change and play a role in the preservation of the future of our planet. We are really aware of the ecological emergency and we are doing everything we can to optimise this responsible approach and minimise our carbon impact. Trailblazers in our sector of activity, we have decided to make a greenhouse gas emissions assessment and today we present this tool for measuring emissions along with its different functions.


Natural Origins: a committed company


Ensuring a company’s economic growth while limiting its environmental and social impact is a challenge, but the result is so important… Based on this voluntary approach, we give our activity meaning and consistency between our values and the work we accomplish.

Committed to CSR policy since our founding, we invest sincerely with solid certifications and real measures: everyday we think about new actions and we make a point of providing our clients natural raw materials coming from sustainable, ethical and transparent supply chains. Our labels "For Life" and ″Fair for Life″ are the proof and they reflect perfectly our state of mind.


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Our CSR functioning is a holistic approach and is reflected in the daily gestures of the Natural Origins' team, by operating to improving our work conditions, limiting our water consumption and improving waste management. But our mission doesn’t stop there… In view of continuing improvement, we decided to develop a project to measure the carbon footprint in order to better understand our greenhouse gas emissions to rethink our model and fight against global warming on our scale…



The measurement of the carbon footprint to fight against global warming


In 2019, the new IPCC report (1) (2) emphasised once again the idea that human activity with its greenhouse gas emissions contributes to global warming but also to the destruction of our natural environments. In these reports, the IPCC insists on the need to reduce our carbon footprint in order to limit the consequences to the environment but also to humans. This fight against global warming is a real social issue where everyone involved has a role to play. To help interested companies, tools have been developed to assess their greenhouse gas emissions.

The objective of these reports is to measure the impact of our activities on greenhouse gas emissions. This gives a clear picture of our greenhouse footprint to develop an action plan focused on reducing the consequences of company activities on the environment.

The project is divided into different phases which we will further develop in our coming article:


  1. Collection of data
  2. Analysis of raw data and conversion into greenhouse gas emissions
  3. Recommendations and measures for improvement to limit these greenhouse gas emissions and our carbon footprint.

This approach is of real interest and will enable us to be better prepared for the future. It is also limited as several items remain hypothetical. The main difficulty of this project is thus to get pertinent, precise and reliable data at all stages of the supply chain, requiring the involvement of all stakeholders and recourse to outside technical assistance…



Natural Origins proposes accompanying you in promoting your CSR commitments using its means and expertise. 

Please feel free to contact our experts.


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(1) https://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/comprendre-giec

(2) https://www.ipcc.ch/site/assets/uploads/sites/2/2019/09/IPCC-Special-Report-1.5-SPM_fr.pdf

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