Why could your new infusion never see the light of day? Let’s anticipate the launching of your brand together

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April 08, 2021

Year after year, we accompany our clients on the teas and infusions market with passion, commitment and authenticity. Based on this experience, we know how to analyse the steps to follow and we can help you anticipate pitfalls when launching your infusions brand.




  • Its identity

This first step is crucial and must transmit the DNA of your brand.

pitfall 1: poorly defined specifications for your teas and infusions project launching
  • How do you position this creation with regard to the rest of your product range?
  • What message would you like to deliver?
  • What arguments to be used to build your offer: French product, organic, from a particular origin…
  • What population is targeted?
  • Where do you want to sell your products?


Your strategy will influence the entire development of your infusion including the selection of botanical ingredients. Our experts are available to guide you in your choices and for setting up your specifications.


  • Your economic constraints and desired delivery period

  • Characterisation of the product

  • Define the type and number of tea bags per box
  • Determine the size and the shape of the box
  • Validate the organoleptic guideline (gourmet infusions, refreshing, with or without aromas, etc…)
  • Identify your preferences in terms of plant species


As with the positioning, product characteristics can be modelled with the Natural Origins team. We share packaging possibilities and introduce trendy formats.



pitfall 2: unsuitable plants for your teas and infusions project launching


  • The selection of plants meets regulatory requirements and is adapted to the selected tea bag.
  • Designing of customised formulas, sampling, tasting
  • Tariff assessment of different formulas proposed
  • Validation

As we are true to our values, we advise you in the choice of your ingredients in a transparent manner and we design with pleasure and passion balanced and flavourful which tell a story… Your story!




pitfall 3: necessary time and resources underestimated for your teas and infusions project launching
  • Cutting
  • Organic validation by certifying bodies, if the certification is requested by the client.
  • « Ready for printing » validation
  • Production of tea bags and boxes
  • Storage
  • Delivery

Above and beyond sourcing and formulation, we offer a comprehensive service starting from cutting the plants to the distribution of your end-product.



Our storage capacity and the organisation of our logistics department allow us to propose deliveries throughout the year with a regular service and at no extra cost! We will present you 2 successful projects shortly to illustrate the formulation of turnkey projects…

download your infographic to launch your new brand of teas and infusions

Launch its brand of teas and infusions

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