Adapt work methods in a changing world

In this changing world, the issue lies in adaptation, a major challenge, not always obvious, but essential for bouncing back in the natural ingredients’ sector: from agronomy to agroecology, from international to local, solutions exist when faced by the economic climate.



Accepting changes


Being resilient is moving forward, accepting reality to evolve and finding the means to accelerate progress with these challenges. This involves being proactive and finding alternative solutions to difficulties encountered (procurement and rising prices of raw materials, production costs…).



Respect one's beliefs


Faced with the consequences of the pandemic and a major geopolitical and an industrial crisis, food transition must remain our priority. This context, on the contrary, must be an accelerator of change and comfort our convictions by developing the economy in due respect with human rights and ethical and solidarity-based ways while protecting the environment by preserving natural resources, biodiversity and the climate but also by privileging health through a healthy and sufficiently abundant diet for all.



Adapt your job


Making our activity long-lasting in this context involves securing our procurement supply chains and limiting price hikes while responding to fundamental issues such as the climate and the preservation of biodiversity.

This is translated more precisely by:

  • Creating strong partnerships and confidence with farmers to secure the supply chain
  • Anticipating the purchase of raw materials with the setting up of long-term contracts to guarantee substantial stocks and meet clients’ needs
  • Diversifying sourcings for the same material in order to always have a recourse solution in case of supply disruption in the supply chain. This solution also enables proposing different and original geographical qualities to stand out on the market.
  • Local farming and short circuit work to reduce the carbon footprint by minimising carbon dioxide emissions and securing the procurement of our materials by limiting difficulties related to the transportation of merchandise.
  • Innovating and the search for the benefits of common plants, less specific, endemic and locally based in Europe in order to not deplete scarce resources and preserve biodiversity.
  • Consolidating contracts in order to develop mass predications and optimise transportation with a better economic and environmental cost…


Plant raw materials are the ingredients of tomorrow, but they are also fragile resources to be used reasonably and in a reasonable manner. This is the model that we at Natural Origins having been advocating over the past 5 years.

These foundations concern us and we note the positive effects of this approach, particularly in the current context. Today we provide concrete responses to the natural ingredients sector and we will present in our coming issue the question points raised the most, in face of this ever changing world…



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