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May 03, 2022
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The food transition process is based on 3 fundamental criteria: firstly health, with a healthy and sufficient for everyone diet, then socio-economic development in due respect with human rights and solidarity ethics, particularly based on creating jobs and finally the environment, with the preservation of natural resources (soil and water), biodiversity and the climate.

From this global adaptation perspective, Natural Origins is faced in real terms against these different world challenges and is committed in various ways. Beginning with setting up direct supply chains and local sourcing, which guarantee long-lasting farming and recognised ingredients.

Natural Origins is also involved by ensuring optimal nutritional quality of its raw materials corresponding to the current needs of consumers. Finally, our team has developed the Nutridense product range focused on plant alternatives in line with current day expectations.



Solutions: quality raw materials with local producers


Based on an IRI study, an institute with expertise in analysing consumer product data[1], between June 2020 and May 2021 the sale of local products increased by 6%, demonstrating that consumers increasingly purchase local product references in face of the sanitary and economic crisis in favour of producers of their region or country. According to this same study, 39% of consumers foresee buying more local products.


Direct supply chains

Consumer demands have evolved[2] and in order to accompany this food transition, Natural Origins is committed to following environmentally-friendly production methods and by strengthening its ecological and sustainability approach. As a matter of fact, the majority of countries where raw materials come from have endemic species and specific know-how that we wish to highlight and make prosper.

We act responsibly, ethically and in a solidarity manner by creating local partnerships with small producers or cooperatives with which we share human work values in due respect with human rights.

In effect, in addition to creating long-lasting jobs which allow numerous families to live decently from their soil, we have created strong support principles with developing producer countries and with needy farmers (in Vietnam and in Senegal, for example). This support includes material aid, advice, monitoring along with higher wages to satisfy the needs of all and promote academic assistance.

Guaranteeing the quality of our raw materials and their crops following standards respectful of the workers and the environment involves predominately the creation of direct supply chains. The proximity and sustainability of this farming production makes up two essential criteria for our choice of sourcing and collaboration.

In addition, field missions are regularly carried out close to our farming supply chains, also ensuring the traceability of our botanical ingredients.


Based on our short distance procurement supply chains, Natural Origins contributes to decreasing the environmental impact of its production.

Concerns raised by the COVID-19 pandemic for French consumers have given rise for the need of more conscientious and responsible nourishment. Consuming locally, preserving jobs, supporting companies and valuing our know-how are henceforth seen as real advantages. Natural Origins also works along these lines by developing Made in France supply chains based on strong traditions ensuring specific and unique quality.


Download the communication kit on supply chain marketing


Nutritional quality depends on the production mode

Producing quality food involves adapting to local characteristics while supporting local farmers throughout the production process. In effect, every territory has its endemic species with their particular virtues enticing the interest of our sourcing choices. Giving confidence and supplying quality ingredients also involves communicating information in all transparency on the origin of raw materials, their production mode and the nutritional quality of our products.

With this clearly in mind, completely managing the supply chain is essential in order to retrace the entire route of a botanical ingredient, from its growing area, its harvest, its processing up until its storage and its delivery. Reliable information on its nutritional input contributes to a healthy and efficient view or our plant products. In addition, in keeping with traceability and proximity of the food chain stakeholders, Natural Origins places the healthy and nutritional attributes of its ingredients in first position.

To follow through with our qualitative approach, we ensure all the production steps up until its harvesting. At Natural Origins we know that speaking about the quality of a botanical ingredient comes down to specifying its intrinsic qualities and its organoleptic profile. Our production processes maintain all the biochemical properties of our plants: i.e., preserving the plant totem, regardless of the part used, leaves, roots, bark or flowers.



What nutrients of interest trough a plant-based diet?


When we speak of the food transition, we’re speaking partly about a nutritional transition because through a growing plant-based diet raises the question of nutrient requirements. Health is based on the quantity of vitamins, trace elements, minerals contained in food, and particularly alternative plant-based proteins in the framework of this evolution. At Natural Origins, our botanical ingredients are the source of naturalness and aim to improve health with their different inputs of nutrients essential for the body.

Nutraceuticals and food come together here to ensure exhaustive nutritional input in line with our needs. With this connection in mind, we have reconsidered specific ingredients to nutraceuticals based on the interest of their nutrients: for example, acerola, baobab and flaxseed.

In order to provide a complete product range and widen your possibilities, we have added ingredients rich in fibres or in micronutrients such as chlorella, spirulina, moringa, or peas which also have a high content of proteins.

Our natural and/or organic ingredient references contain major sources of:


Vitamin B12

Vitamin C

  • Acerola: 17% (425% RDA) - 25% (625% RDA)



Omega 3/Iron


Vitamin E

Vitamin K





Nutridense: a product range ingredient which responds to the food transition


Natural Origins accompanies this nutritional transitional by setting up demanding selection criteria for its plant-based alternatives. To this end, we have developed a new product range called Nutridense with its nutritional quality of our ingredients reflecting our botanical expertise.

The Nutridense product range is made with nutrient rich plants. These carefully selected raw materials present precious nutritional benefits corresponding to the health concerns of consumers.

The guaranteed micro and micro-nutrient content of our natural ingredients provide incontestable benefits in terms of prevention and the needs of all for flavours and colours to highlight your formulations.

The booming nutritional market make these plant-based raw materials trendy and/or superfoods with health benefits which can be highlighted during the labelling or your preparations.

In addition, producing these natural raw materials participates in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and constitutes a concrete alternative in line with the food transition underway.

As a supplier of natural ingredients, Natural Origins has a turnkey response to facilitating your evolution toward plant-based alternatives for agro-food manufacturers.

Containing standardised contents of nutrients and thorough nutritional interests, our Nutridense product range is the fruit of our health nutrition and botanical experience.


We analyse every batch and accompany you in your choices with our technical documentation along with developing your storytelling.



To conclude...

The consequences of our food system on the environment and human health no longer need to be demonstrated. The food transition thus involves consuming and producing in a sustainable manner while emphasising green, fair and low carbon footprint economies.

Producing more and better while contributing to reducing diseases and poverty [3] and guaranteeing the preservation of resources and biodiversity are the fields to be explored. Developing coherent and respectful for the earth food systems, humans and their work while integrating socio-economic parameters and advantages of every land plot or country are challenges facing food stakeholders.

Faced with these indispensable shifts, Natural Origins anticipated the impact of the benefits of plants in terms of food quality and health virtues. With the objective of a food transition promoting plant-based nutrients, our Nutridense product range proposes optimal quality alternatives. Their high nutritional content enables integrating these botanical ingredients in the framework of healthier food diets beneficial to everyone.




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