How to create a 100% certified “Made in France” infusion with Natural Origins

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June 16, 2020
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Teas & Herbal Infusions

Much more than just a fashion phenomenon, buying « Made in France » products is the result of real awareness. Buying locally for French is a means of supporting companies, maintaining jobs in France, defending our know-how[1][2], and guaranteeing the quality of products and manufacturing backed by standards which are respectful of the workers and the environment.


This societal revolution was already underway before the COVID-19 crisis and has been reinforced by fears which have arisen during this pandemic. The need to be reassured by going back to the basics has become a priority for consumers. French manufacturing and its valuation through labels appear as a real commercial advantage for companies in France and overseas.[3]


Based on its procurement supply chains and its infusions workshops and the discovery of laboratories, Natural Origins guides you in developing your 100% certified “Made in France” infusions and invites you on a short trip throughout the country!


Immersion in the midst of our French agricultural supply chain networks


At Natural Origins, we have set up procurement supply chains with local manufacturing including the growing, transformation, formulation and packaging.  We propose a large range of references to enable you to make all your formulas with French ingredients and to proudly display the French emblem on your finished products!


 « Made in France » ingredients provide a sense of security for the consumers since this guarantees that the products are safe and have been inspected. These organically produced ingredients also contribute to limiting crop protection products used. Raw materials are grown in due respect with the producers. This is particularly true for our supply chains which benefit from multi-annual contracts.


These lasting collaborations have given rise to an essential trusting relationship and the production of top-quality products and the development of common research products including new crops, co-financing new machines and the possibility of fields dedicated to certain crops.


Our producers are based in 3 departments in France:

  • Anjou (chamomile, lemon balm, burdock, valerian…)
  • Drôme (echinacea, peppermint, blackcurrant, …)
  • Ardèche and its plants with strong regional overtones (oregano, rosemary, savory, wild thyme, thyme, olive tree or ash tree leaves, red vines and all ranges of flowers). This new collaboration with a cooperative including several small-scale farmers is a real asset since the Ardeche is an area traditionally known for its aromatic and medicinal plant growers. This collaboration is accompanied by our setting up a new production site in Soyons, close to the harvesting areas. This strategic location follows our commitments since all the steps from the cultivation to ingredients designing are carried out locally.


Discover our workshops


Faithful to our values, we advise you in your choice of « Made in France » ingredients in full transparency. It is in that spirit that we have created formulation workshops. By tapping into all your senses, these practical workshops help you find the perfect balance for your creations. These one-day workshops enable you to establish new tea and infusions creations with the help of experts.


These workshops are held on our site in Lyon, close to our producers. In this manner you can discover our factory and visit the fields where your raw materials come from. These very productive workdays will save you time in designing your products and will provide you with the necessary items to create a storytelling to justify the « 100% Made in France » label.


Made in France, a model for the future




Teas & Herbal Infusions

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