How to meet the growing market demand for tea and infusions?

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April 23, 2019
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Herbal and Tea Industry

Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water and it continues to win over consumers throughout the world. Infusions have been reinvented and appeal to a new clientele.

Place is given to challenges of the tea and infusions market to meet consumer demands!


Have the industrial capacity to meet demands


The first issue to meet the demands of the tea and infusions market : There must be sufficient production volume.

To do so:

  • Should more investment be made in terms of new manufacturing tools?
  • Expand facilities?
  • Increase the teams?
  • Sub contract a part or the entire production chain ?

To ensure rapid adaptability to cope with demand, Natural Origins has developed a comprehensive support offer from the field to the tea cup. Quality botanical ingredients sourcing across the world, importing, quality control, transformation, packaging into pouches, logistics… Our teams and partners can deal with all these steps.


Test our teas and infusions range


Secure botanical ingredients procurement supply chains


To meet the demand of the tea and infusions market, there is the second issue  at the botanical ingredients procurement supply chain level:

 It is especially important to:

  • To anticipate and  to have sufficient visibility on the volume of available raw materials ; 
  • Limit as much as possible supply disruption risk;
  • To be able to react in the event of unforeseen happenings.

Securing botanical ingredients procurement supply chains is a major issue.

Here are some concrete solutions we propose at Natural Origins:

  • Setting up cultivation contracts with producers as early on as possible to ensure sufficient volume of raw materials, particularly for exclusive ingredients and organic botanical ingredients where demand can greatly outweighs supply;
  • Developing sustainable supply chains with a long-term commitment to producers while working hand in hand and building a trusting relationship;
  • a botanical ingredients e-commerce platform with real time updates accessible at any time to ensure optimal reactivity.

Adapt to consumer's different expectations


The demand of the tea and infusions market is driven by different types of customers. You need for example to respond to connoisseur clients’ expectations in search of  innovative products and appeal to new customers who may be in search of the well-being attributes of infusions. It is at this level that sourcing takes all its importance in the tea and infusion market.

On the tea and infusions market, it also requires adapting to the specific nature of each country. A couple concrete examples include:

  • the tradition of the larger « pillow bag » with no strings in England;
  • the desire for intense flavours in Israel;
  • the image of the prestigious tea houses in France with its increasing demand for visual displays of plants proposed and their purity;
  • the different regulations for using certain plants.

Natural Origins can assist you along all the steps of developing your tea and infusions product range. Feel free to contact our team of experts.

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Herbal and Tea Industry

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