In what applications can Baobab powder be used?

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September 23, 2021

In this article Natural Origins lets you into the secret on the most promising Baobab markets and new ingredients which are easy to integrate in all galenics:



Various and varied applications for this "pharmacist tree"


Promising and inspiring, this nutritional powerhouse tree caters to the needs of numerous sectors in the nutrition field. Thanks to its tangy, lemony and refreshing flavour, it is appreciated by many and is easily used in:

  • sports nutrition since it promotes performance and can be perfectly incorporated into powder shakes or instant drinks etc…
  • the healthy snack market and can also be integrated in cereals bars, ice creams and raw powders…
  • specialised nutrition thanks to its high-fiber content, it also has a prebiotic role (meal replacement, plant-based dairy…)

The moment has come to introduce this not well-known product outside of Africa to our catalogue.



Baobab powder-based ingredients proposed by Natural Origins: our difference and our force


We decided to design clean label ingredients, 100% Baobab, by developing a very fine powder, ground between 180 to 200 microns while ensuring excellent dispersibility for formulated solutions. This granulometry, available in conventional and organic grade, opens the scope for different applications and can be addressed to all market segments.


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This ingredient is very promising which is why we wanted to set up different tests to confirm its nutritional interest:



A pilot test to verify product appeal for athletes

To successfully carry out this trial, we sponsored an adventure race in the south of France to let the runners test our formula under real conditions.

The concept, in Baobab powder form to be diluted in water, was distributed ready for consumption at the end of the race in order to get the athletes’ feedback and the opinion of our target consumers.


baobab workout powder sample

I request my sample of "Baobab Workout Powder"

The product was widely appreciated and the feedback extremely positive: the runners were struck by this raw material that they knew little or not about.


They found:


  • the high-fiber content interesting,
  • the highly nutritional qualities,
  • the image reflecting this 100% plant origin product.



A conclusive study on the prebiotic effect of Baobab carried out by the group DÖHLER

Today, 71% of consumers are concerned about their digestive health. We note an 8% increase in products launched with digestive health claims between 2017 and 2020. The global market for these products is enjoying rapid growth and should reach 72 billion USD in 2027. (1,2,3)

In this booming market, our powder is the only Baobab-based ingredient benefiting from an in-vitro study to check its prebiotic activity. Results obtained prove product efficiency by demonstrating a simulation of good intestinal bacteria (4).



Nutritional and compositional analyses


We pursue our studies along these lines and we set up supplementary analyses on our batches of Baobab in order to precisely measure and guarantee the contents of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals in view of accompanying our clients as best as possible on the nutritional labelling of their end product.



Natural Origins references




Please feel free to contact us for any additional requests.

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(1) Global digestive health market to grow to 72 Bn. USD in 2027 - Fortune Business Insights 2021

(2) +8% products launch with digestive health claims (2017-2020) - Mintel, Global new product launches 2017-2020

(3) 71% of the global consumers are concerned about their digestive health - Consumer Research Global data Q3 2019

(4) A Pectin-Rich, Baobab Fruit Pulp Powder Exerts Prebiotic Potential on the Human Gut Microbiome In Vitro - PubMed - Microorganisms. 2021 Sep 17;9(9):1981. doi: 10.3390/microorganisms9091981. 

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