The health benefits of nutraceuticals: an assessment of trends

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February 11, 2021
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Nutraceutical Industry

The events of 2020 have constrained specialists to become more innovative and reactive with the setting up of new product ranges, responding to immediate market expectations.

Professionals had to quickly ascertain the public’s needs and switch directions to deal with the change by looking again at their initial products and examining them through a prism of an environment in upheaval.

As such, we propose taking stock of the current state of this unusual year and analyse the evolution of the nutraceutical market in the face of this pandemic.


Consumers increasingly concerned with their health


Now firmly embedded in our consumer habits for a part of the population, nutraceuticals are involved in a virtuous lifestyle in which each individual is a responsible stakeholder for his/her health. (1) In Europe, the consumption of food supplements has increased steadily over the past years with an annual average increase of 6%. (1) In France, the food supplement market has also improved, generating close to an annual turnover of 2 billion euros. (2)


The health crisis has accelerated this already major trend since in this uncertain period, consumers tend to want reassurance, to find a certain well-being. They want to take their health into their hands, adopt a healthier lifestyle and a healthier diet (3) … There are increasing numbers of people turning towards more authentic alternatives, natural products, never ending sources of benefits, which seems to be the response for the time being.



2020 trends with the COVID-19 crisis in the background


In this destabilising period, strengthening immunity, fighting against stress and even anxiousness have become crucial and to deal with these uncomfortable situations, consumers choose moderate solutions in accordance with their quest for naturalness and authenticity.

Boost the immune defense system

Based on a Synadiet study carried out in May 2020, 62% of the French declare paying more attention to their health since the health crisis and many have set in place specific actions to strengthen their immune system. (2)

The epidemic context has indeed been accompanied by an increase in the sales of food supplements in pharmacies: +29% compared to 2019 during the pre-lockdown period and +6% compared to 2019 during lockdown. The increase was mainly drawn from the food supplement segment devoted to immune defense which posted +221% between 24 February and 30 April 2020, compared to 2019. (2)


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Fight stress and improve sleep

Over 1 out of every 2 French asserts that their stress level has increased since the beginning of the health crisis and 42% of those questioned declare that there sleep has worsened according to a survey carried out by Synadiet in November 2020, (4). This survey indicates that 25% of people concerned by sleep disorders or stress used natural health products and food supplements (4).

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To conclude, while this crisis has disrupted the profession, it also drives innovation for the market and was at the origin of developing several nutraceutical sectors, namely immune, stress and sleep products.


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Nutraceutical Industry

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