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November 05, 2020

Our extraction site located near Valence (France) in the Ardeche has been operating over the last several weeks. You were able to discover this site in our latest communications.


Today we would like you to discover our model, which is based on managing the value chain of our botanical ingredients. Managing every step allows us to offer traced and analysed plant origin ingredients, which meet our CSR, health and quality objectives.


Natural Origins Business Model EN 291020




The objective of Natural Origins is to monitor and accompany supply chain stakeholders, ensure product traceability, which is a guarantee of quality, consistency, and security for its clients.

Our daily challenge is to provide this guarantee to over 400 plant species and 2,000 ingredients, of which 60% are organic.


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In order to enable you to promote this for your end products, we likewise offer For Life and Fair for Life certification for a growing number of product references.


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Transformation technologies


Natural Origins has two production sites:


1. A transformation of botanical raw materials site (Lozanne, Rhône, near Lyon, France)


We receive all our raw materials and carry out the first unitary transformations (sorting, grinding, and micronisation) along with the sterilized powder production.


2. Extraction site (Soyons, Ardèche, near Valence, France)


This new site is specialised in aromatic and nutraceutical plant extraction and works jointly with our Lyon site while benefitting from its expertise in preparing raw materials. Principle operations include: percolation, volatile recovery, concentration and filtration, spray dried liquid or solid formulations.



A professional response (B2B) to numerous applications for the general public (B2C)


Natural Origins proposes a differentiating offer for the following markets:


1. Life Science & Nutrition

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2. Food & beverages


  • Teas & infusions with varied solutions of cuts for different formats of bags, custom designed mixtures and a turnkey department with Botanical Studio®.
  • Beverages (flavoured water, soda, syrups, energy drinks, etc.) with controlled organoleptic property extracts, Optifine® dispersable powder product range.
  • Spirits with a vast array of extraction cuts, macerates along with fluid extracts.


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In our next article discover the overview of the production steps of our extraction site ensuring FLEXIBILITY, VERSATALITY and TECHNOLOGY.


Need to create tailor-made solutions? Feel free to contact us via our Botanical Studio®.

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