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July 01, 2021
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Herbal and Tea Industry

″Steer, suggest, inspire″ is how we conceive our new online platform. Much more than a mere catalogue, our experts imagined it as a tool to accompany you in selecting raw materials and to give you the keys you need to initiate your teas and infusions formulations.



Discover our new tree structure and the search functions of our online catalogue…


Intuitive and a real help in decision making for the user, our platform is complete, fluid and efficient. To establish the new functions and determine the tree structure, we have taken the time to break down your needs, analyse and define every plant the most accurately: a sizable work but necessary for helping you with your choices.

Distinction between teas and infusions

The use, expertise and the targeted public are very distinct, separating teas and infusions seemed obvious to us. To facilitate your selection, we have classified our products based on their cut size (bulk, medium cut for pyramid bags, finer for paper bags) since when you start a project, you think first about the overall image of your end product and its corresponding content.

Creation of filters

Each of the subcategories now has filters to allow you to select your ingredients based on flavour (citrus, fruity, flowery, herbaceous, sweet…), their terroir (Balkans, France or Spain…) or its labelling (Organic, For Life, Fair for Life).

Description of raw materials

Our site also provides access to the properties, the provenance and the harvest period of our references. Updates are made every week to complete this data.


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Let yourself be guided by suggested articles to read…


We wanted to create an ″intelligent″ catalogue to facilitate the search for ingredients and to guide you in the formulation of your products.

As such, we have set up:


  • An ″Our essentials″ category which from the home page highlights the plants we have an excellent command of, from the field to the end product going through all the in-house manufacturing steps. Controlling these supply chains allows us to offer you powerful storytelling (for example, our organic cinnamon from Vietnam, our French origin organic lemon balm…) or selections from our favourite terroirs…
  • ″Highlights″ represent references of the moment, trendy or latest products of the season or even the last harvests.
  • Suggested references associated with your search.



Get inspired by our ready to sell blends…


Our botanists are constantly searching for original raw materials and they work on new associations to be able to propose you more and more ready to sell blends. This option, available on our online catalogue, allows you to take advantage of our know-how and save time in the formulation of your teas and infusions product ranges. Each preparation was developed with a limited number of carefully selected ingredients to allow the plants to fully express themselves and to provide all their flavours. We propose blends with health benefits or simply pleasure, with or without aromas, depending on your choice or subtly added flavours to bring a touch of creativity to the blend…

Our experts want to propose a complete as possible toolbox revealing a field of possibilities. With over 150 references of which 95% are organic grade and new articles listed every week, the potential of this catalogue is endless. So, let yourself be guided and find inspiration for the creation of your teas and infusions.



Herbal and Tea Industry

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