Teas & infusions formulations reflecting your image for an Advent calendar

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March 11, 2021
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Herbal and Tea Industry

To the great delight of teas and infusions connoisseurs, increasing numbers of brands are designing their own Advent calendars containing 24 Christmas recipes in a finely decorated chest. So, if you too are thinking of carrying out a 2021 edition, the beginning of spring is the right time to design your winter recipes…



Exclusive and ready-to-use recipes


The end of the year holidays must keep its promises and your compositions must obviously propose spice mixtures which swathe, comfort and warm us up! But in addition, Christmas must also be synonymous to surprise, so why not leave a spot for more original proposals in line with the season?

Our botanists at Botanical Studio® compose ready to use recipes to suit your desires for designing a calendar in your image.



Our spices mixtures


Chaï and Rooibos are particularly appreciated for its spicy flavours in this season which warm up the body and the spirit.

At Natural Origins, we develop our mixtures while avoiding aromas and opting for high quality plants with powerful flavours reminiscent of culinary pleasures: particularly flavourful, our ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, badian and even our pepper epitomize the magic of Christmas and will enchant all palates.

These plants are part of the most elaborate references in our Herbal & Teas product range and are available throughout the year. These plants come from historical supply chains and are sustainable and are carefully monitored. We have ginger from different origins which allows to create diverse and varied explosive creations.



Surprising preparations


Numerous firms propose their Advent calendar to stand out, so why not sprinkle your project with original recipes based on « health » compositions, fresh, detox and digestive to lighten up the season (peppermint, green or lemon tea, verbena, fennel, lemon balm…) or propose thyme or eucalyptus based herbal teas to open the respiratory track?

In fact, not all consumers drink spicy or anis infusions. It is also a good idea to include menthol, tangy, fresh formulas for your Advent calendar: an ideal solution during this heavy season.


Download our infographics to formulate teas & infusions with health claims



Create a differentiating offer from the ingredient to the packaging for you


Specific formulations

You want to include a tea from one of your dear gardens in our recipes? This is possible. We’ll blend it for you. If you want to design customised formulas, our botanists can also develop personalised teas and infusions for you with an ingredient or a mixture of your liking, raw materials from different origins and even derived from one single unique terroir. (Ex: plants from the Ardeche, Poitou, Vietnam… )


An extensive range of packagings

As we know that you like choosing packaging to reflect your brand, we adapt to your needs by proposing infusions in traditional sized cardboard boxes (130X69X79mm, generating less packaging and thus less waste!) or personalised gift boxes (size, shape, material…). But we can also send you envelopes in bulk for you to make your own gift boxes.



The advantage of being accompanied by Natural Origins


By calling on Natural Origins you are guaranteed an exclusive service with turnkey offers, monitoring every step (formulation, packaging, design, storage, delivery) with a result in your brand image and an end product which resembles you, without overlooking:


100% traceable ingredients!

We follow our plants from the seed to the tea bag: we grow them, process and mix them and we even take charge of the procurement supply chain up until the delivery of your end products, whether a distribution platform, a network of franchises or a brand itself.


Solid supply chains

We guarantee impeccable quality with the setting up of our supply chains, along with volumes throughout the year at competitive prices. As we cherish our Origins with passion and commitment we wish that they fully reveal themselves in your end products!


Download the communication kit on supply chain marketing


Small personalised series

To carry your seasonal or limited edition projects (Mother’s Day, Musical festival day…), we offer the possibility of producing small series with a minimum of 6,000 envelopes…


Recipes with a real identity...

Far from flavoured tea products in increments of several hundred tons, our preparations have a unique flavour in which we let the plant express itself, without adding ingredients, by selecting, tasting, we take the time needed to find the perfect balances, that which will make all the difference in the mouth.


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