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Author: Marie Paqueton
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June 24, 2021
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Life Science & Nutrition

As you know, our ambition is to constantly reinvent, to follow market needs and even to anticipate these needs. It is therefore important for us to take you to a new digital universe with the latest version of our e-platform. This complete overhaul has made us rethink the segmentation of our products and more particularly our nutraceutical products presented under the name ″Life Science & Nutrition″ (LSN).

Our team would like to propose a segmentation which reflects our evolving offer while highlighting our know-how and our expertise. Categorising which should be clear, precise while leaving room scopes for broadening our product ranges…


Define our ingredients


To help you formulate your nutraceutical products we have set up a LSN category which regroups:


On our e-platform, this is translated by the following terms: ″Botanicals″, ″Around the Fruit″, ″Actives″ and ″Bee products″.

Designed to accompany you and as a time saver, our on-line catalogue is there to facilitate your search. So, to set up these functionalities, we listened to you, we analysed your demands and your needs to determine the breakdown of the tree structure.

We have concentrated on enhancing your customer experience to offer you a convenient, quality and perfectly adapted to your needs purchasing process. The interface has been optimised to propose a flowing and intuitive platform with access to relevant recommendations and personalised suggestions.

All the sub-categories have filters to enable you to select your ingredients based on their health benefits, their terroir, their certification or market trends. Our idea was really to determine the qualifiers which immediately define the articles and facilitate your choice.

To highlight our core products, we have created a category called ″Our Essentials″ to enable you to find hallmark supply chains based on its certification or terroir and using the best of our technologies.

You will also find on the home page our ″Highlights″ made up of references of the moment.


Visit our natural ingredients e-platform for B2B professionals! 



Anticipate the development of our extracts' product range


This new segmentation clearly distinguishes our nutraceutical products and emphasises the evolution, the enhancing of our product ranges and the development of our extracts.

You will thus be able to note in the coming months an increase in the number of extracts references, which will progressively become one of the pillars of the offers at Natural Origins.

With the construction of our production plant in Soyons, near Valence, we are able to propose increasingly developed ingredients and offer a product range of extracts derived from our best supply chains. The objective of this overhaul is to let you discover our offer with a multitude of choices.

Such a toolbox, our new on-line platform has all the necessary functions to select products while highlighting each and every ingredient. “LSN”, ″Food & Beverage″ but also ″Teas″ and ″Herbal infusions″, are products ranges which we will develop in our next article…


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