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November 19, 2020
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Already on the extracts market for the past several years, we want to manage our production facilities by investing in a high-performance tool, as we do for plant powders and cuttings.

With the opening of our production site based in the Ardèche, devoted to plant extractions, this goal has been achieved. We now manufacture nutraceutical extracts and support our customers for specific requests.



How are nutraceutical extracts created?


Nutraceutical ingredients in extract form are oftentimes privileged as they adapt to food supplements galenic principles while offering high standards of active substances.

While developing an extract, we firstly see the potential of the plant and determine substances to be privileged. The raw material is selected for its contents of principle actives, then the process is optimised in order to obtain the best performance. It is possible to choose a wide spectrum of plant totum or closely target the specific active.

There are 3 decisive steps in manufacturing extracts:

  • Percolation: the compounds of interest are soluble in solvents (water or ethanol).
  • Evaporation: the extraction juice thus obtained is concentrated by eliminating solvents.
  • Formulation: the extract is thus dried or placed on a liquid support giving rise to the sought after galenic form (powder or liquid).

This extraction procedure is of course adjusted depending on the plant, the sought-after concentration and the planned application.



How does Natural Origins meet the needs for plants with these extracts?


For the last 2 decades, our teams have been painstakingly exploring all the richness of plants to select the most noble raw materials. Based on raw materials coming from all corners of the world and also from France, we constantly update our catalogue to offer the largest range of plants in an array of forms. We select the best partners based on our knowledge of the field and the producers to build an ideal supply chain for carrying out your botanical extracts.

We have over 450 plant species in our catalogue, most from organic supply chains and some with For Life or Fair For Life certifications.


Download For Life product sheets


We can set up custom made procurement supply chains with new certifications or the quest for unique terroirs in order to fine tune our offer to meet the needs of our clients.


Download the communication kit on supply chain marketing



The product range of "extract" form nutraceutical products


We have designed a nutraceutical extracts product range following 3 principles:


You can find these characteristics in a large number of references including lemon balm, peppermint or echinacea….

In addition, we can design personalised extracts.


Discover the Botanical Studio


Our new production unit is very flexible and is perfectly adapted to all types of production (aqueous, ethanolic) regardless of the form of the plant (seeds, bark, leaves, etc.). This new site accompanies our clients when they set up new projects and this enables developing increasingly elaborate ingredients. 

To add flavour to your formulations, don’t overlook our next article where you will discover our new "taste giving" extract product range.


To see our entire product range, check out our online catalogue available 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK.


Nutraceutical Industry

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