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Nutraceutical Industry | October 03, 2019

How to best formulate your Exten(d) & ReWin(d) natural sports solution thanks to Botanical Studio® ?

The sports nutrition market is growing quickly and consumers are demanding....

Nutraceutical Industry | September 26, 2019

Why favour Exten(d) and ReWin(d) over other natural actives?

Naturalness is no longer an option but rather an unavoidable component of all...

Nutraceutical Industry | September 19, 2019

Exten(d) and ReWin(d), natural actives to be integrated into numerous formulations

The sports nutrition market is constantly growing and changing. Consumers now...

Nutraceutical Industry | September 12, 2019

Do all natural actives share the same qualities?

Taking care of one’s body has become crucial. In this booming market, sports...

Nutraceutical Industry | September 05, 2019

Improve recuperation with the sports nutrition ReWin(d) active

While certain plants are recognised for their analgesic or stimulating effect...

Nutraceutical Industry | August 29, 2019

ReWin(d): a new sports nutrition active: clinical study & protocol

In order to accompany nutraceutical industrial professionals, Natural Origins...

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