The characteristics of our sourcing of Baobab

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September 16, 2021

Convinced of the potential of Baobab in nutrition, we would like to give you access to all of its benefits while guaranteeing a responsible and sustainable supply chain and respecting this tree so admired by local people:



A sustainable supply chain with a strong social mission


Harvested by hand by over 1000 small farmers mainly based in Ghana, these fruits are opened one by one to recuperate the pulp, which will then be sun dried. Over 200 people are employed to transform this pulp into powder and prepare the containers for export. A tedious and artisanal work, organised in cooperatives and managed by a local NGO with the principle mission to decrease poverty by using resources sustainably.


Sustainability and agroforestry


If the fruit from the Baobab were not picked they would simply fall to the ground and rot. Picking responsibly is thus an opportunity to create livelihoods for local communities and is also the principle strategy for the conservation of Baobabs and their protection from being cut and replaced by cash crops.

We therefore aim to collaborate with partners who don’t overexploit these trees, but rather use them responsibly and in a measured manner in due respect with this African treasure. The cooperative we work with shares these values and ever year plants thousands of trees in communities for the benefit of future generations.…


Equity and the social dimension


This cooperative made up primarily of women, was created with the aim of making a positive impact to local people. It is monitored by a NGO committed to ensuring fair prices and sustainable revenue for rural African families.

By getting supplies directly from small producers, this association creates jobs, develops the local economic fabric and ensures sufficient income to support families.



Traceable and titrated raw material


Above and beyond these social and environmental dimensions, we are committed to the traceability and the quality of our ingredients. All the farmers are listed and volumes registered to identify raw materials.

Baobab powder is then tested on site in Ghana to verify the microbiological quality, humidity and the possible presence of contaminants. Upon arrival in containers in France, we carry out additional analyses, following strict specifications. These analyses, carried out by reputable laboratories in Europe and to the USA, have the purpose to quantify nutrients in every batch to provide our customers with the best possible support on the nutritional aspect of their final product.

Bringing to light the ingredients of tomorrow, setting up responsible supply chains and directing our customers on the nutritional aspect of raw materials are the missions we are particularly involved in.


Download the communication kit on supply chain marketing


With this in mind, we have imagined new ingredients manufactured using Baobab powder for the nutraceutical and sports nutrition market. Stay informed and subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll share these new references with you shortly…



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