Aromatic botanicals: an ideal taste for 0.0 spirits

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January 31, 2024
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In our previous article, we showed how botanicals are used by spirits producers to reproduce the characteristic flavour of alcohol in their formulations. Now let's take a look at what consumers are so keen on and the Natural Origins solutions dedicated to your non-alcoholic spirits: Taste Giving Extracts 0.0 (TGE)



Motivating consumers to drink alcohol-free: the promise of sober botanical pleasure!

In recent years, alcohol-free spirits have been gaining ground and winning over many consumers, who have become more health-conscious and no longer wish to choose between the pleasure of drinking and a festive atmosphere. So, the alcohol-free spirits option represents an opportunity to satisfy consumers who want to reconcile a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste.

This health-related trend implies a search for a new kind of "non-alcoholic spirits" (1) promising an authentic taste. With no health consequences whatsoever, whether for pregnant women, drivers or for the sake of moderation, these 'fake alcohols' promise real sensory discoveries procuring pleasure similar to, if not greater than, from alcohol.

What's more, these products appeal to consumers because of their naturalness and the perception of authentic bouquets, in line with the trend towards botanicals. New recipes and flavour combinations are exploding (2):
  • botanical product ranges with raspberry-white tea,
  • fruity with strawberry-rhubarb or lemon and citrus duo,
  • aromatic blend of pepper, cardamom, lemon peel and zest...


spirits 0.0 b


As more and more people decide to avoid alcohol, or even abstain from it altogether, the category of non-alcoholic spirits is on the rise, driving the non-alcoholic drinks market. These new 0.0 products come in a range of bold flavours to suit all taste preferences. Consumers are discovering a vast range of new natural combinations and original blends of herbs, spices and medicinal botanicals (3). Some alternative references also emphasise the functional aspect of their drinks in terms of the health benefits derived from botanicals. These new drinks containing "adaptogens enable one or more of the effects caused by alcohol to be achieved and are likely to reach a much wider target audience" (4).

Innovative combinations of flavours and alternative beverages are emerging thanks to the use of flowers, roots and berries to create botanical selections suited to alcohol-free drinking: juniper, cinnamon, chilli, savory or cardamom, like Djin spirit (5), but also rare or exotic botanicals with spicy, lemony, floral or vegetal profiles, such as rose and hibiscus, coriander and rooibos.

Distilled aromatic blends (6), cocktails and complex mixtures of botanicals are created, including saffron, blueberry, eucalyptus, sage or pine buds, for example (7). In addition to their originality, more sophisticated perceptions are replacing classic tastes while providing consumers with new sensory experiences.

The BU Taste of Natural Origins, a department dedicated to the world of spirits, providing customised solutions


For over 25 years, Natural Origins has been dedicated to the spirits and alcohol markets. Our passion has won over the sector's leading professionals thanks to our customised solutions and, above all, our exclusive sourcing, which meet the expectations of consumers in search of authentic, natural tastes.


spirits 0.0 c


With a unit dedicated entirely to the sensory experience, the Taste Business Unit (BU), we travel all over the world to find original terroirs and develop sustainable supply chains.

We have developed Taste Giving Extracts, or TGEs, to meet the needs of spirits and wine producers who want to keep up with the trend.



TGE 0.0, remarkable added value for your alcohol-free formulations


Our TGEs are authentic natural extracts capturing the full aromatic profile of botanicals (selection of top and/or base notes according to the characteristics of the botanical being processed), by combining our hydro-distillation, hydro-alcoholic extraction and vacuum concentration technologies.

Using TGEs in your formulations enables you to benefit from the naturalness and unique sourcing of our botanical ingredients. Our TGEs are derived from noble ingredients and sourced in a controlled manner (harvested at the best possible time and stored in the best possible way) to give full expression to their taste qualities.

You'll be able to take advantage of all these benefits, particularly as differentiating marketing arguments. Using our extracts will enable you to obtain: 


  • An economical cost price compared to other solutions due to the concentration of our TGE even at low doses (from 2g/L) with a standardised, calibrated extract with guaranteed taste,
  • Perfect reproduction of the botanical's authentic organoleptic profile, enabling you to create a world rich in flavours: spicy, flowery, bitter, etc.
  • Storytelling highlighting the unique composition of your product, based on its traceability, naturalness and the transparency of our terroirs.
  • Labelling that promotes your products with the words "Extract of...".

TGEs therefore add real value to the products they are integrated into, given the superior quality of their flavours and their endless number of applications.


Available in 2 formats


  • powder: with the addition of volatile aromatic fractions before drying and several solutions available depending on your specifications and the desired aromatic intensity (tapioca maltodextrin, maize maltodextrin, wheat maltodextrin or gum arabic...)

Click to discover our TGEs references in powder form


  • liquid 0.0: available on a range of carriers to optimise aromatic strength and improve solubility: sugar syrup, propylene glycol, glycerine, sorbitol, etc.

Click to discover our TGEs references in liquid form


Several aromatic profiles


The specific aromatic profile you're looking for to enhance your formulations is available in our product range of botanical extracts: with 7 aromatic families in our catalogue, certified conventional or organic, Natural Origins offers you over 30 references, each associated with precise aromatic descriptors.


TGE Natural Origins EN



Other criteria that distinguish Natural Origins in the spirits market


Our certifications and CSR policy


Natural Origins devotes numerous botanicals to spirits, corresponding to as many distinct terroirs. The majority of our ingredients are organic and For Life certified, to guarantee the quality of our supply chains and our commitment through our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy. This is based on three fundamental principles:


  • respect for the environment
  • human ethics
  • eco-responsible sourcing


The For Life label approach is based on sustainable development issues, with an assessment of environmental responsibility, social commitment, impact on local development and respect for consumers.

At Natural Origins, we take our commitment one step further with Fair for Life certification, which ensures fairness, solidarity, income and autonomy for local producers.


The Botanical Studio®


As a "flavour passer", Natural Origins can help you create botanical-based spirits and alcohols using new ingredients. We invite you to discover our Botanical Studio®, designed to help you create your own creations and guarantee the success of your drinks.

This R&D department enables you to take a personalised approach, with customised solutions such as setting up new supply chains in line with your CSR policy, innovative dry or liquid formulations and personalised, confidential tasting sessions.


Our day-long Workshops


To give you an idea of all the possibilities offered by our solutions, Natural Origins is organising day-long workshops where you can test, apply, taste and create unique blends.


Make an appointment for a Workshop



Please feel free to contact us.

To see our entire product range, check out our online catalogue available 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK.

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