How are Natural Origins’ TGEs created and used?

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January 20, 2022

One year ago, we launched our new Soyons production site dedicated to extraction in Ardèche in the heart of the Aromatic and Medicinal Plants basin. Our goal was to design the latest, optimised, flexible and multi-skilled site to offer clients botanical extracts developed from our complete range of raw materials.
Today, we bring you our taste giving extracts (TGE), those natural aromatic extracts made from the most noble plant matter:


Production process of Natural Origins' TGE:




Its advantages compared to other plant extracts

Research and Development opportunities to brands open thanks to TGEs:



1/ Sourcing

Contrary to other aromatic solutions, TGEs are natural extracts with the main characteristic of providing taste to formulations by coming as close as possible to the plant’s original organoleptic properties of the plant. The TGE therefore reflects the potential of the raw material it was derived from and the quality is directly based on the plant’s quality.
This is why, when we manufacture aromatic extracts, we rely on our French organic supply chains (elderberry, chamomile, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass, verbena…). We completely manage sourcings from the field to the ingredient where everything is calibrated, while monitoring varieties, growing practices, harvest time and drying procedures to keep the most complete and most representative aromatic profile of the plant.


récolte matière première



2/ Procedure

Following harvesting and drying, extraction via a water/ethanol mixture begins, followed by the concentration process (by recycling recuperated water and ethanol), liquid formulation, pasteurisation and drying, if the sought extract is in powder form. Our flexible production processes enable us to extract the complete aromatic fraction or solely the volatile fraction and essential oils.
Our R&D team has a double competence in extraction and flavouring with a precise organoleptic outlook on raw material and on the different fractions that must be obtained during the process to reach an optimal aromatic profile.



3/ Its advantages compared to other plant extracts

Our production unit regroups the latest extraction industrial developments and promises TRANSPARENT, FLEXIBILITY, MULTI-SKILLS and TECHNOLOGY: it is perfectly adapted to hydro distillation hydro alcoholic extraction using high performance tools, which record and monitor all parameters to ensure the security, reliability, control and precision of the process.
This industrial ownership applies to TGEs and allows us to propose high quality natural aromatic extracts with guaranteed traceability.
In addition, our extraction system is equipped with a recuperation of the plant’s aromatic volatile fraction mode. This enables us to isolate this noticeable fraction which is generally eliminated and broken down during classical extraction processes. As such, by reincorporating it at the end of the procedure, we are able to preserve the aromatic profile of the plant.



4/ Research and Development opportunities to brands open thanks to TGEs

The goal of a TGE is to release the olfactory signature of the plant. It’s a natural extract and the most representative aromatic solution of the plant. Available in powder or liquid form, its array of applications meets the requirements of nutraceutical, food (shakes), beverages (instant to be dissolved in water) and teas and infusions (iced teas) industrials.


infographic develop a new product in specialized nutrition question of flavour

TGE for specialised nutrition market

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