3 applications of TGEs in specialised nutrition

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February 01, 2022

Consumers seek transparency and nowadays they want to control the composition and the origin of products they purchase. It is essential to promote the origin of all the ingredients used in your finished products and emphasise the values of your procurement supply chains. By using TGEs in your formulations, you can take advantage of naturalness, quality and the geographic origin of raw materials used for these extracts. Available in powder or liquid form, with a multitude of applications, they meet the requirements of food, beverage, tea and infusions and also nutraceutical manufacturers.

In this chapter, we reveal 3 flavour combinations applicable to specialised nutrition:


Concept 1: Chamomile flavoured infant milk

Concept 2: Green mint tea powder to be reconstituted

Concept 3: Ginger protein shake for recovery of athletes




Concept 1: Chamomile flavoured infant milk


Chamomile is known for its soothing properties and its mild honey taste. Very appreciated by children, it is often used in infant nutrition.
By integrating a chamomile TGE in infant milk, you delicately flavour the milk while adding a small dose of chamomile to the child.



Concept 2: Green mint tea powder to be reconstituted


If you have in mind formulating flavoured beverages, natural and nomad: thanks to TGEs you can create all sorts of flavours.
Completely water soluble, these extracts are versatile and adaptable and are an excellent solution for instant beverages and powders to be reconstituted.
You can, for example, propose the combination of 2 TGEs, green tea and peppermint for a fresh intense flavour. Packaged in easily transportable stick form, this type of mixture can be reconstituted anywhere, in a bit of hot or cold water, and is available in different forms depending on the desires of each one.



Concept 3: Ginger protein shake for recovery of athletes


TGEs also respond to sports nutrition market demands. Athletes are savvy consumers and seek balanced products: practical, healthy and flavourful. TGEs are therefore an ideal solution.


shake protéiné

Along this idea, we have created a protein shake made up of:


  • 50 g of pea proteins (protein and amino acid input)
  • 15 g of Baobab powder (rich in fibre, calcium and magnesium)
  • 5 g acerola (vitamin C)

to which we have added our ginger TGE for its spiciness, but also for its kick!

The entire preparation makes sense, from the principal raw materials to aromatic extracts, all the ingredients respond to athlete’s needs.…

These examples demonstrate the scope of these natural aromatic extracts. Above and beyond the taste, they provide real added value to the product they are integrated into.

You want to save time in designing a formula or develop a customised aromatic extract? Our experts at Botanical Studio® are available to help you develop a product which reflects you.


infographic develop a new product in specialized nutrition question of flavour

TGE for specialised nutrition market

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