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September 06, 2022

Being a reliable supplier of ingredients in the current context is based on securing our procurement supply chains and limiting price increases while responding to fundamental issues, such as the climate, preserving biodiversity and solidarity-based ethics. We have conveyed these values for the past 5 years and today we can note all the positive effects of this approach... In this article, we present professionals’ questions and how our team responds in a concrete manner to these issues:



Setting up contracts, what are the advantages?


Convinced of the importance of sustainable farming supply chains, we draw up agreements over several years in order to consolidate our work methods and build a trusting reciprocal relationship. Each party becomes deeply and sincerely involved to guarantee our clients and end consumers the best of plants by:


  • Securing procurement supply chains by anticipating needs and reserving batches of plants with our suppliers, ahead of the harvests
  • Maintaining prices throughout the contract period,
  • Guaranteeing the quality and the regularity of batches to deal with increasing regulatory pressures and new analytical requirements.

More than crop contracts, these commitments developed with local produces have a real human dimension and also ensure fair sustainable revenue for the producers and sometimes even the prefinancing of their crops and aid to improve their working conditions, etc...



Working with short distribution chains, but at what price?


Working locally with French producers clearly has many logistical and environmental advantages and is also a guarantee of quality, traceability, transparency, thus ensuring supply chain distinction and marketing. The interest of "Made in France" no longer needs to be proven, however the lingering question in the minds of industrials is the following: how to remain competitive while working with farmers in France?

In effect, plants grown in our territory are more expensive than those overseas; on the other hand, savings in transportation and production costs are substantial. In addition, given the current context, costing is levelled for certain supply chains making us quite competitive…



How do you manage to hold an important position with your farmers and stable prices?


We source at the origin and have developed certain supply chains with setting up certifications, such as the case of our harpagophytum supply chain in Namibia or hibiscus from Senegal.

By working hand in hand with our farmers and setting up actions in the field in due respect with humans and the land, we maintain strong links with our partners. We focus our procurement supply chains on essential materials, involving contracts for substantial volumes from one year to the other, which enables maintaining relatively stable purchasing prices and trusting relations with our stakeholders.

Demonstrating stability, being consistent in purchases made with suppliers guarantees us procurement of sustainable material and positions us as a reliable partner.



What to do if our forecasts, our annual needs change?


Concern over a long-term commitment is evolving needs over a period of time.

Natural Origins accompanies you and guides you towards a solution which is the most appropriate with regards to your needs. Playing this buffer role, we can:


  • help you find generic raw material
  • extend or develop contracts with our producers
  • switch certain materials to other clients
  • etc…

By drawing on our expertise, you limit the risks encountered by a long-term commitment while having an array of benefits.



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