Publication of a clinical study carried out on our sports nutrition ingredient Exten(d)

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October 14, 2021
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Nutraceutical Industry

In short, find the main results of the scientific journal on our ingredient Exten(d), published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.



100% natural active


As precursors on the sports nutrition market, we have developed 100% plant origin ingredients with the aim of accompanying nutraceutical industry professionals while ensuring the effectiveness of our products.

Made from a mixture of harpagophytum, ginger and annatto, the ORGANIC Exten(d) active was formulated with the aim to reduce joint pains linked to inflammation and help athletes improve their performances while caring for their health. Contrary to actives in extract form, our formula is composed uniquely of heat-treated organic powders, low processed (without carrier agent, adjuvant and solvent). Our formula has guaranteed contents of principle activies (harpagosides, gingerols, bixin and norbixin).


Exten(d) and ReWin(d), natural actives to be integrated into numerous  formulations


By carrying out clinical trials, we are willing to prove the effectiveness of this active and give you access to the first sports nutrition product based on a mixture of clinically tested organic plant powders....



Effectiveness proven by a clinical trial


Clinical trials were carried out with the objective of measuring the effects of Exten(d) on the ability to improve sports practice by reducing chronic joint pains.




Our study was focused on product effectiveness based on an original approach involving biomechanical studies by “Motion Capture” and an assessment of inflammation by thermography.

The study conditions were the following:

  • 30 volunteers divided into 2 groups (random trial, triple blind, versus a placebo)
  • Length of study: 4 weeks’ supplementation
  • Inclusion criteria: amateur athletes suffering from chronic knee joint pain linked to sport practice




4 weeks after consuming the product, no undesirable effects were reported and no changes in blood or urinary biomarkers. Tolerance to the Exten(d) active can therefore be considered as excellent.

2- Anthropometry (DEXA):
At the end of the study the lean mass/fat mass ratio of the Exten(d) group runners’ legs had improved compared to T0, which demonstrates an increase in training capacities.

3- Biomechanical (“Motion capture”):
Generally speaking, the study demonstrated an improvement in running frequency and lengthening of stride in addition to straighter posture for the participants of the Exten(d) group, leading to a more fluid stride, more natural and closer to an optimal running movement, compared to the control group. Overall improved posture was observed in the Exten(d) group.

4- Inflammation (thermography):
Finally, a significant difference was observed after warming up with the group treated compared to the control group. Knee inflammation was lower with the Exten(d) group athletes.





The results of this study confirm the interest of our ORGANIC Exten(d) active for runners suffering from moderate joint pain. The beneficial effects suggest improved inflammatory condition and a protective effect on articulations while exercising. By reducing discomfort, Exten(d) enables better training and offers athletes the possibility of entering the virtuous circle in which sport practice is synonymous to pain-free well-being and progression.

To respond to sports nutrition market expectations, we are constantly developing innovative ingredients that we test directly on runners:


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