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December 16, 2021
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Natural flagship product for its exceptional antioxyidant properties, the pomegranate is an ally for your nutraceutical and health focused formulations.

The pomegranate tree is the image of an olive tree and a date palm, originally from Asia and the Middle East, and is the emblem of Mediterranean civilisations. It is a wonderful decorative fruit and was already renowned for its virtues in Ancient Egypt and symbolised opulence and fecundity. Its arils, made up of pulp and seeds, are filled with water and represent a means to quench thirst and to eat. Pomegranate was thus used in traditional medicine notably as a natural vermifuge based on the astringent properties of the peel.

The colour of the pomegranate seeds, ranging from pale pink to bright red, and the skin’s colour ranging from yellow to garnet red vary depending on the terroir and the variety.

Pomegranate is a raw material put forward by many studies based on its virtues and is an ingredient with health benefits in the field of food supplements and the pharmaceutical industry.

Overview of this super fruit and its nutraceutical attributes:



Principal actives


Based on its high concentration in antioxidants for a small quantity of fruit, pomegranate belongs to the superfruits category.

Its principal health property is its high punicalagin content which enables fighting against the oxidative stress of cells. Punicalagin is a fairly rare polyphenol and is part of ellagitannins, hydrolysable tannins with complex chemical structures and high molecular weight.

Before being metabolised by the organism, these tannins trap free radicals. Punicalagin from the pomegranate peel enriches the intestinal flora and the microbiota. Pomegranate seeds are a source of fiber, which maintains the digestive system.



Ranking dedicated to health products


Cardiovascular health


Pomegranate has recently appeared on the food supplements market. Besides its antioxidant effect, several studies show that pomegranate can prevent such pathologies as arterial hypertension, hyperglycaemia and certain cancers (1). Very rich in bioactive molecules, the pomegranate displays remarkable benefits for cardiovascular health based on its anti-inflammatory action.


Sports nutrition / energy


The nutritional interest of pomegranate, which can be considered as a functional food due to its high antioxidant activity, lies in its energy value. Very juicy, sweet and slightly tangy, it contains a large amount of vitamin C which is very interesting for athletes and for those wishing to fight fatigue, boost the immune system and recuperate energy. This energising effect is reinforced by its input in vitamin B, notably B6, and pomegranate trace elements. Contains many minerals: magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, calcium and potassium.



Our pomegranate powder skin extract 10% polyphenols


The peels are a by-product produced from the production of pomegranate juice and come from Turkey. The « Hicaz » variety is harvested in the month of November/December.


At Natural Origins, our priority remains the quality of the principal actives; we would also like to propose you standardised premium dry extract with 10% polyphenols made from peels containing the highest content.


Punicalagin is a fragile active and requires a rigourous extraction process. Along these lines, we have developed a guaranteed natural procedure since it is made solely in water, which enables us to maintain the concentration of polyphenols along with their powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities related to punicalagins.


With our 100% natural pomegranate extract, we are in compliance with our quality charter and clean label while proposing you an excellent ingredient and at an attractive price for your formulations.


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