Marc Roller’s interview: extraction management at Natural Origins

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January 28, 2021

Discover in this video post, our CEO - Head of Innovation interview, Marc Roller, PhD, about the commissioning of our new extraction site in Ardèche, near Valence.




A strategic industrial establishment


1. Sourcing


We chose this location in the Ardèche near the Drôme because this area is located in the heart of the aromatic and medicinal plants’ cradle that we use as part of their transformation into ingredients.


2. Logistics


This location is also located near main communication routes and close to our Lyon head office, allowing us to optimise our supply chain.


3. Welcome


We also received a very warm welcome from local and regional stakeholders on our arrival.



Environmental issues


Loyal to our CSR commitments, we have taken environmentally-friendly issues into account.


Energy optimisations


For example, we have set up an energy recovery process for the evaporation and cooling systems and we have also tried to minimise electricity consumption, whenever possible.



3 main criteria


1. Flexibility


We have a tool that allows us to support our customers in launching batches of several kilos up to large productions of several tons.


2. Versatility


We can process all sorts of raw materials: leaves, seeds, roots, bark by means of aqueous extraction and ethanolic extraction.


3. Operational efficiency


As the unit is fully automated, it allows all parameters to be controlled and guarantees perfect reproducibility of our processes.



Natural Origins’ R&D teams are available to help you develop your future extracts.

Feel free to contact us via our Botanical Studio®

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Marc Roller, PhD

Marc Roller, PhD

CEO & Partner Natural Origins - Head of Innovation

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