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October 22, 2020

In our « seasonality of raw materials », column this month, we would like to talk about red vine. Known as a remedy against achy tired legs, red vine reacts in general terms for blood circulation problems. Used in all its forms (powder, dry extract or cut), red vine leaves are used in making food supplements, along with infusions.

Focus on this plant used for centuries…

Red vine leaves: their benefit for blood circulation problems


Red vine also called Vitis Vinifera is a shrub of the Vitaceae family. Cultivated since antiquity for wine making, red vine also has many virtues. The reason being that its high content of polyphenols [1] [4] (namely resveratrol) and flavonoids (oligo-proanthocyanidins and quercetin) provides antioxidant properties [3] at the origin of protecting blood vessels [4]. Indicated in case of venous insufficiency, red vine is effective for heavy leg syndrome [1] and reduces blood clots, varicose veins, sensations of heaviness, fatigue, itchiness, blood pressure and cramps in the calves [2].

While estimations of the frequency of venous insufficiency vary considerably depending on geographical [5], location, it is estimated as affecting overall between 11 and 24% in industrialised countries [6].

Faced with growing health concerns and the tendency of people to adopt healthier lifestyles by opting for natural products, the red vine leaf market should continue to develop. To meet this demand, Natural Origins has developed a complete botanical ingredients product range made up of organic grade red vine leaves.


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French organic sourcing in the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region:


As we are determined to offer the best of nature by proposing top quality ingredients, we have expanded our product range of red vine. These new « Made in France » ingredients have been developed in collaboration with small producers based in the aromatic and medicinal plants heartland. Based on the geographical proximity with our partners, you can visit the fields where the raw materials come from and discover the background of your botanical ingredients.


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Natural Origins references: locally processed botanical ingredients


It is essential to know the species in order to make quality ingredients. This why we let our producers determine the ideal moment for harvesting the leaves. Raw materials are picked by hand in the autumn after the grape harvest (October/November) at certified organic vine growers. In fact, the highest content of principle actives is found when the leaf turns red, between the harvest and the leaves falling [1] [3].  Drying is carried out naturally in line with climatic conditions.

Orders of the raw materials are made in February and the leaves are processed into botanical ingredients in our factories in Lozanne and Soyons in France, close to our producers.

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