Natural Origins is continuing its development with its new production unit

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October 08, 2020

Our goal was to design a next generation extraction site, optimised, flexible and multipurpose in order to offer our clients botanical extracts made from our comprehensive raw material portfolio.

This new Soyons site, near Valence, complementary to the headquarters in Lozanne, is one step closer to the realisation of our project: by internalising all the production steps from the raw material to the production of extracts, we maintain full control over our botanical ingredients.

We look forward to sharing this project with you and are pleased to present this new production unit, in the heart of the Ardeche, a traditional basin for aromatic and medicinal plants.



Its characteristics


Historically established in the Rhone-Alpes since 1999, we have decided to continue our development in this area for aromatic and medicinal plants. This new facility near Valence, close to our producers, allows us to better meet market needs in terms of quality, traceability and local production. In line with our CSR commitment, our objective was to develop our company while keeping a positive stance for the environment and the local economy with the setting up of:


1. An energy-saving building


The construction was designed to reduce energy consumption based on reinforced insulation and setting up energy recuperation generated by the procedure.


2. New jobs


Ten employees have been hired and this number should increase quickly with the transition to shift work.


3. Partnerships with local companies 


It was important for us to call on companies from the area, firstly for constructing the building and then for sourcing raw materials from our terroir and work for small-scale producers. This direct proximity to aromatic and medicinal plant harvest areas allows for organic short circuit supplies and 100% locally developed botanical ingredients.



Specialisation towards extraction


While we already develop new extracts at our Botanical Studio®, we outsource industrial production. As we are dependent on our sub-contractors, this constraint could likely have slowed down our developments. As all the production of our ingredients is done in-house, we manage and control our timetables and have become increasingly reactive. This new « Botanical Center » dedicated to plant extraction allows us to support our clients with the setting up of new projects and to propose even more developed ingredients.


Discover the Botanical Studio


This building selected as a « centre of excellence », pools together the latest industrial developments in terms of extraction and pledges FLEXIBILITY, MULTI-FUNCTIONALITY and TECHNOLOGY with full TRANSPARENCY:


1. Flexibility & multi-functionality

This new unit is extremely multi-functional and going from one product to another is done very easily. It is perfectly adapted to all types of aqueous and ethanolic extractions regardless of the plant form (seeds, bark, leaves, etc).


2. Technology


State-of-the-art technology concerning automation; our assembly lines use high performance tools to ensure precision and safety while gaining in productivity and reactivity.


3. Efficiency


Equipped with hundreds of sensors on our assembly lines, all parameters are monitored and recorded to ensure control and process reliability. By internalising all development operations to marketing ingredients, we maintain complete control of the supply chain and certify the traceability of our products.



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Marc Roller, PhD

Marc Roller, PhD

CEO & Partner Natural Origins - Head of Innovation

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