Transparency and naturalness: Natural Origins responses to COVID-19

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August 20, 2020

The context in which we are living obviously influences our activities and the products we consume. The current health crisis and the new rules for living introduced have generated a growing demand for products to reinforce the immune system, improve sleep and help fight against stress. Consumers have spontaneously turned toward healthy and natural solutions focused on reinforcing defences and relaxation (food supplements along with tea and organic infusions). Already damaged by repeated health scandals, COVID-19 highlights the need to go back to healthier, sounder and meaningful products while giving real meaning. This requirement is promoted through a well thought out and more responsible purchase while calling on companies to provide more transparency and set up short, reliable and sound supply chains.


Natural immunity products


The immune health sector is undoubtedly at the top of the nutraceutical market. Sales in this sector have soared and the demand for immune stimulant ingredients, such as elderberry and echinacea, has hit record levels. [1]


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While nutraceutical brands are having difficulties meeting expectations [1], as a result of measures to close borders due to Covid 19, the need for transparent and reliable supply chains has become ever present. Industrials are considering a restructuring of their supply chains to better manage stocks and the quality of their raw materials.


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Response from Natural Origins


As we work with shorter and even local supply chains and as we have set up strong partnerships with our producers where dialogue is always possible, even in urgent situations, we respond to market expectations by guaranteeing stocks and traceability of all our raw materials. We work hand in hand with our French echinacea producer to ensure the raw material (aerial part and roots) you need. With the DÖHLER group, we guarantee you a prompt supply of elderberries and based on our particularly significant stock of royal jelly, we respond to the urgent demands of all our clients.



Natural relaxation products


While we are going through an unsettling time, fighting stress, gloominess and anxiousness has become essential. In response to this trend while ensuring the buyer seeking naturalness in healthy and authentic products, product ranges evolve and adapt and plants which restore balance naturally are thus proposed.


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Response from Natural Origins


To help you formulate your preparations and to respond to the growing need for « stress and sleep » ingredients, we propose large stocks of valerian and lemon balm based on cultivation contracts concluded with European countries.

Today we are proud to put forth the ties we have forged with our farmers based on long term partnerships. Building on these relationships, we guarantee reliable, transparent and sustainable procurement supply chains to meet the requirements at this particular moment by multiplying the production of extracts and powders in all galenic forms (pills, capsules, teas and infusions).


Next week, we will focus on leading food supplement raw materials and « stress and sleep » infusions: passionflower. Stay tuned !


Source :

[1] Vitafoods insights, The immune Health, May 2020

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