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November 25, 2021
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Teas & Herbal Infusions

Endlessly clever and personalisable, the Doypack® bag is perfectly suited for bulk blends while offering an aesthetic and gourmet outcome. To highlight your tea and infusions collections, we propose that you opt for this type of packaging; we work together on the recipe, we take charge of the blend and packaging while ensuring you an ethical and responsible solution…



Humanity & solidarity


We could have decided to bag our products in Europe, in specialised factories but we wanted to do differently, in accordance with our policies, from a solidarity and ethical dimension and as close as possible to our production site

It’s with a Red Cross ESAT (1) (French Support and Work Assistance Establishment) based in Ardèche, 15 minutes from our factory, that we decided to collaborate with. 143 disabled persons work there daily and are invested in the projects they are given. These medico-social establishments enable disabled works to purse gainful employment while receiving individualised medical and social support. Their beneficiaries access the job market while developing skills and gaining confidence every day. These associations fight against discrimination and exclusion and encourage companies to turn toward a CSR policy and a solidarity-based economy.

This citizen approach is more than positive since it offers companies tremendous flexibility and quality work and nearby services…


Infographics: How to enhance the development of your teas & infusions?



Adaptability and agility


All work is carried out manually (filling bags, labelling, and placing in boxes), small series and endlessly personalised are the two major advantages of these establishments. They offer totally custom-designed productions and enable carrying out projects which cannot be done by machines.

We take the time to train the workers, to teach them how to handle the plants and to speak to each one of them. We have established a trusting relationship and exchanges with these partners in which each one can enjoy their work. They appreciate working with these products and their particularly pleasant aromas. They thrive in emphasising their potential.


doypack 2

From our perspective, we are extremely satisfied by the investment and adaptability of the teams. They conform perfectly with our specifications and respect our deadlines. Every pole is supervised by a workshop manager who provides guidelines and checks the quality of the end product.



Proximity and the local economy


We have also chosen this establishment for its proximity with the idea of developing the local economy and reducing our carbon footprint. The blends of packaged tea and infusions are sent to our factory, which is just 15 minutes away from their workshop.

To go one step further on this "Made in France" idea, we have chosen to use paper pulp from the Landes region for you to be able to offer 100% French packaging.


doypack 3

As we are convinced of the services of this ESAT, we want to give them other missions and we’re already thinking of projects we could develop together: making gift boxes , filling glass containers, mounting cardboard boxes for front shelf display… We will certainly get back to you with these ideas shortly…


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Teas & Herbal Infusions

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