RDV Seasonality: Chamomile Matricaria chamomilla L.

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December 09, 2021
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If you had to choose just one plant for your infusions range, it would certainly be chamomile matricaria. Pure or blended, it delights the taste buds with its very sweet flavour. As a health infusion, it promotes sleep and drowsiness, but it is also found in bulk compositions to sublimate blends with its pretty flower heads.





It is estimated that over one million cups of chamomile are drunk every day in the world. This plant is indeed very appreciated for its particularly sweet flavour but also for its numerous benefits.


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Chamomile is currently an integral part of the pharmacopoeia of 26 countries. It can be found in the composition of many popular pharmaceutical preparations and is the subject of several studies on digestion disorders, infantile colic and especially anxiety and depression. (1,2,3,4,5,6)



Our sourcings


As there exists a reciprocal relation between quality and territories, we wish to give you the possibility to choose the origin of your raw materials. This preference is related to your background and the image you wish to transmit to consumers. As such, you’ll find 3 Chamomile matricaria production basins in our catalogue: Egypt, known for its honey flavour and its particularly golden liqueur, along with Croatia and France.


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In this article we would like to honour our sourcing in the heart of Anjou, in this region which offers the finest production of Chamomile matricaria in France. We work with a team of aficionados who grow and process organic medicinal plants with the objective of "acting to preserve what the earth offers us" for the "well-being" of individuals. Through precision farming, they endeavour to respect the ecosystem, free of chemical products by minimising their carbon impact and by respecting neighbouring species.



Our references


This French chamomile is contaminant free, slightly less honey flavoured but is still interesting taste wise and can be used in pleasing and health products for relaxed sleep.

We have classified 4 "Made in France" references:



Infusion cuts are privileged for health blends with "promotes sleep and drowsiness" claims or for all relaxation creations such as our "happy day" formula composed of mint, verbena and chamomile.

Whole flowers are reserved for bulk or pyramid bags for the beauty of their flower head. You can find this reference in our "Papa chamomile", a preparation for children full of colour and magic!



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