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November 26, 2020

As a botanical specialist for over 20 years, Natural Origins offers a complete and distinguishing catalogue of ingredients.

In addition to nutraceutical extracts developed for their principle actives content, we produce a natural taste giving extract product range. Derived from plants, these taste giving extracts are carefully formulated to reveal all the organoleptic qualities of plants and bring out the best of your end products.



How are these "taste giving" extracts made?


During the formulation of taste giving extracts, the raw materials are selected based on their intrinsic quality and characteristics. These raw materials must be considerably rich in aromatic compounds and essential oils. 

The extraction process is carried out using percolation and a very efficient vacuum concentration method with temperatures regulated automatically. In this manner, overheating the botanical matter and deteriorating the components are avoided. A recuperation of volatiles and floral waters system enables reinjecting or not this fraction into the extract thus strengthening the extract.

The priority of this manufacturing process is to respect the plant while concentrating and preserving its original organoleptic properties.



How Natural Origins responds to plant needs for these "taste giving" extracts?


As a botany specialist, our goal is to offer a large range of references in order for everyone to find a response in line with their needs, in terms of product characteristics (taste, smell, colour, consistency), price and terroir.

Our objective is to provide you with an array of plants and varieties to allow you to choose an ideal solution to meet your needs. To do so, we select our plants while keeping in mind that every brand has its own history and that the story behind your ingredients must convey your values.

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In this catalogue you will find different organoleptic qualities, geographical origins or varieties for the same plant species.

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Let’s take the example of a highly appreciated by consumers, spearmint. There is the « Nanah » type Moroccan mint known for its pronounced taste and also our French origin mint from small local producers. These 2 references have not only a very distinct taste impact but they also have their own respective stories to be told.

This holds true for thyme for which we have chosen several varieties based on their essential oil content including distinctive products such as Provence IGP thyme and lemon thyme from the West of France. We also provide plants more adapted to general consumer products with attractive value for money, like thyme from Egypt or Morocco.



The "taste giving" product range at Natural Origins


Our aromatic extracts product range was designed to meet different aspects and to respond to the needs of our clients by offering:


Some of our references may even help you to develop multi-factorial products like, for example, French-origin mint derived from organic farming.


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Please feel free to contact us, our experts are at your disposal to help you find an original, innovative and pertinent solution, adapted to your projects and your brand story.

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