Our Made in France - Made with Care conception of nutraceutical extracts

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March 17, 2022

Attitudes have clearly evolved in pursuit of consumption respecting ethical and moral values. The "ethical consumer" operates for an economy respecting the planet and thus opts for consuming more responsibly: with a low carbon footprint and beneficial for the local economy. This is why increasing numbers of professionals have the mention "Made in France" on their labels. This does not however necessarily mean that 100% of the manufacturing process is carried out on our territory. (1)

At Natural Origins, we have the mission to meet society’s expectations and be involved in these evolutions by developing 100% French plant-based extracts, that being produced and processed in France. Here is our "Made in France" or "Made with Care" conception: 



"French manufacturing"


Based on our new site located in the Ardèche, we optimise traceability and the quality of our ingredients by controlling the entire extraction process. This facility allows us to manage the entire procurement supply chain from the raw material to manufacturing ingredients in order to develop 100% French botanical extracts to promote our local supply chains…


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These French botanical extracts meet the increased demand for traceability, unique quality (production and controlled processing), respectful of the plant, the soil and our planet with a limited carbon footprint. In this sense, they claim the "Made with Care" concept for our export customers.


This cutting-edge technology industrial tool allows us to design ingredients on line with our most noble raw material and have you benefit from the quintessence of our plants. The ingredients obtained by this high-performance tool would indeed not be what they are if weren’t for our raw materials and their supply chains.



French origin


Based on our close and sustainable collaboration with local producers, together we build all the supply chains reflecting our brand image while privileging raw materials from organic farming. We rely on their control and expertise of soil management to develop high quality ingredients, titrated and of French origin and to ensure stocks throughout the year based on cultivation contracts.


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As "Made in France" can be used unreasonably, we would like to show you that we really add to this, for example, our Organic lemon balm extracts:

An essential food supplement ingredient, lemon balm (Melissea Officinalis L.) is a plant with a long tradition and an array of uses, it is therefore necessary to have a quality procurement supply chain and work with passionate, dynamic partners with a solid experience with the soil.


Our producer, based in the hilly Drôme, launched an aromatic and medicinal plant production over 20 years ago. Based on his work, his sharp botanical knowledge, he proposes outstanding organic raw material. This noble raw material is transported to our factory in Valence, located a couple kilometres from his fields, then transformed directly on the spot into organic ingredients.


As such, we obtain an organic lemon balm extract, produced completely locally, an ingredient with a very low carbon footprint and respectful of the planet…


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Made in France, a model for the future


(1) https://www.economie.gouv.fr/particuliers/produit-made-in-france

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