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July 16, 2020
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Teas & Herbal Infusions

Far from the oldish image of herbal teas, infusions are going through a radical transformation and boldness is the key term of this change! Just like mixology, this new approach in unsettling for traditional remedies and offers surprisingly flavoured and even slightly crazy cocktails. So why not go a step further and get into the aphrodisiac teas and infusions sector?


Innovation together with decoctions?


Since the dawn of time, plant infusions such as rosemary, saffron, verbena, rose petals, savory, "provencal ginger", muira puama or even maca have been used for their aphrodisiac virtues. These traditional plants are still used today but the increase in cultural exchanges and delving into world cuisine is developing, especially with younger generations and has given rise to a certain cultural mixing [1] in the products they consume. Today’s consumers are passionate users of spices and yearn for new flavours and formulators following the trend by developing spicier combinations and completely innovative mixtures. We dare to use original aphrodisiac plant raw materials coming from different crops bringing freshness to the palate. These stimulating flavours spice up the formulas and awaken the senses: ginger, cloves and ginseng! We use daring hot peppers, pepper from specific lands providing varying spice intensities (India, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia) or even Moringa...


Men and women, different strategies?


While both men and women buy aphrodisiac herbal teas, they have different expectations.

Men turn towards particularly spicy and concentrated formulas: ginger, ginseng, clove, hot peppers, pepper. So, why not propose a Moringa-based formula? Or else black pepper, ginseng and ginger, the whole embellished with pieces of cocoa? There are a variety of possibilities and everything is allowed!

For women, we can keep the spices but a bit more subtle, less pronounced while highlighting the pleasing side of the product: we can offer peppermint or pieces of strawberries accompanied by a Champagne aroma. What do you think? What’s important is with these formulas directed towards women is to work more on the visual with a romantic side with flower petals such as rose or violet or pieces of fruit (cherry, raspberry or strawberry). The flavour itself must also be more feminine with the addition or an aroma such as vanilla or exotic fruit.


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How to carry out formulations?


To help you design your infusions and find a combination guaranteeing both a balanced and innovative taste, Natural Origins offers customised support in addition to formulation « Workshops ».


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Above and beyond developing a product, we guarantee quality procurement supply chains ; like our Vietnam supply chain which centralises numerous organic grade aphrodisiac plants (ginger, pepper, cinnamon, badiane) and where we work hand in hand with the harvesters to be able to offer you the best plants. The are many CSR actions which come out of this work which may place you in advance on your storytelling.


Next week, we will introduce one of our other responsible supply chains involving Guarana, a booming seed also known for its aphrodisiac virtues.


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[1] New trials related to globalisation - COMPORTEMENTS ALIMENTAIRES EN 2025 - TENDANCES ET IMPACTS – DÉCEMBRE 2016 - https://www.agriculture.gouv.fr

Teas & Herbal Infusions

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