Natural nutraceutical alternatives to boost female and male sex drives

Author: Emilie Leconte
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July 07, 2020

For a long time, sexual fulfillment remained a taboo subject, but it is now considered to be a part of global health. In search of well-being, people lift taboos while expressing their right for pleasure and consumers follow this trend. The market is attracted to products which stimulate sexual desire and their numbers have proliferated on the shelves in shops [1]. While consumers turn towards these "well-being" products, they aren’t ready to consume whatever which not and search more than anything natural alternatives.


Zoom in on aphrodisiac plants used in nutraceuticals…


And what if desire was an affair of plants?

Over centuries and thousands of years, phytotherapy was the sole therapeutic remedy for sexual disfunctions. Left to the side for some time in favour of medicine, consumers are turning once again towards these natural solutions. As such, on a market where there are still synthetic molecules, awareness is growing. Tomorrow’s consumers are concerned with their health and synthetic products are increasingly discredited. So, let’s forget the vitamins, synthetic taurine or arginine and leave the place for 100% natural nutraceutical formulations. In meeting consumer’s demand for naturalness, plant raw materials offer the best alternative.

There are many plants which have the virtue of awakening desire and are for both men and women. They can be perfectly combined with other natural ingredients such as beehive products. You can combine the virtues of ginger reputed for creating blood flow, and royal jelly which acts on morale and even has euphoric effects [2]. Or combine guarana, a natural remedy for boosting vitality, or tribulus, historically known for its effects on sexual dysfunction.


Aphrodisiacs and green business, is it possible?


It must be concluded that ethical and environmentally friendly products have never interested consumers more than they do today.  This trend concerns all sectors as well as the well-being sector. So it’s time to propose responsible formulas made up of certified organic and Fair Trade products  which guarantee healthy, quality products from environmentally friendly supply chains marketing.


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How to stand out?


1. Sourcing

At Natural Origins, we accompany our clients and their differentiating factors by proposing a vast catalogue with numerous references backed by certifications focused on humans and the environment. (For Life / Fair For Life).


2. Certification

We have the capability to adapt our offer to your needs in order to propose unique solutions. We can develop supply chains marketing with certifications (with a 3-year commitment and a minimum annual volume).


3. Storytelling

Storytelling is very popular and is positioned as one of the most efficient levers for maintaining one’s reputation. Our team can also help you to build a formula to draw attention to you and then develop buyer loyalty by involving the world of producers and creating ingredients they consume.


Aphrodisiac plants can take a variety of galenic forms: capsules, powders, beverages... While you wait for our next article on new aphrodisiac beverages, which are making a big comeback, feel free to contact our Botanical Studio® to help you develop your formulations or to advise you on your new projects.


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