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Marc Roller, PhD

Marc Roller, PhD
CEO & Partner Natural Origins - Head of Innovation

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Nutraceutical Industry | February 05, 2019

The acerola supply chain at Natural Origins

  Acerola is a natural source of vitamin C and is used in the formulation of...

Nutraceutical Industry | January 22, 2019

Formulation of energy products: how to ensure the quality of the ingredients?

Numerous parameters need to be taken into account in the sourcing approach to...

Nutraceutical Industry | January 15, 2019

What ingredients for your sports nutrition products?

Today, synthetic actives and those of natural origin can be found side by side...

Nutraceutical Industry | January 08, 2019

How to formulate your energy products in a natural way?

Seeking naturalness in the food sector is a real underlying trend. This can be...

Nutraceutical Industry | December 18, 2018

The different qualities of acerola: how to make the right choice?

Acerola is a key reference for the nutraceutical industry. There are however...

Nutraceutical Industry | December 11, 2018

What applications and properties of Acerola for nutraceutical products?

The Amazonian Indians were the first to notice the benefits of acerola...

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