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February 29, 2024

Natural Origins, supplier of botanical ingredients, has devoted itself to serving food industry, beverages and food supplements professionals for the last two decades.

In order to better understand the key stages of our industry illustrated in the below infographic, discover the essence of our business using ginger as an example. From the origin of the botanical to its processing, from customer briefing to development, let’s see here how to create the "signature" ingredients for your innovations!




Backed by its long-standing partners in over 60 countries, Natural Origins offers you the excellence of its botanical ingredient sourcing. Our products are made from botanicals rigorously selected from exceptional terroirs. We have set up a number of supply chains around the world, demonstrating our commitment to responsible, transparent and demanding production. As a result of our human and environmental commitment, we currently have three certifications Organic, For Life and Fair for Life.

The For Life label concerns corporate social responsibility (CSR), with the implementation of a responsible sourcing policy, while Fair for Life certification is intended for fair trade products.

Both labels guarantee respect for human rights and fair working conditions, respect for ecosystems, the promotion of biodiversity, the sustainability of agricultural practices and the search for a positive local impact.


For Life

This label covers sustainable development issues, assessing environmental responsibility, social commitment, local employment and respect for consumers.


Our For Life labelled supply chains cover the following botanical ingredients:


Fair for Life

Fair for Life certified sectors guarantee fair earnings and a protection mechanism for producers, reinforcing their autonomy, progressively improving their production tools, the means to carry out collective projects and decent and safe working conditions. In addition to these commitments, there is a fair development fund, as well as farming practices that respect the environment and encourage the transition to organic farming.

Our Fair for Life fair trade references include: 


Moreover, all our botanicals are freshly harvested and dried at the right time of year, an essential criterion for obtaining top-quality ingredients. In this way, the aromatic potency remains powerful and the rich nutrients are preserved. To guarantee the organoleptic profile of the botanicals, their active ingredient content and the absence of contaminants, we also systematically analyse each batch beforehand. In this way, we select the best batches and origins to provide you with top-quality ingredients. 



The processing


Natural Origins is now concentrating all its activities at its new industrial site in Soyons, near Valence. This vast site, the only one of its kind in France, combines raw material processing, extraction and storage. Our botanicals are processed here using our secure control process. This ensures complete control of the production chain.

Our value-added ingredients are produced using different technologies. For example, ginger in cut form can come in different sizes:



To obtain 100% natural ginger powder (without any carrier), the dried botanical is ground. In the case of ginger extract, the principle active ingredients and aromas of the botanical are extracted and reconstituted in liquid or powder form, with flash pasteurisation if necessary.



Value added ingredients


Natural Origins sources its ingredients with the firmly-held belief that it is possible to respect the environment and move forward together while creating value. In a context of sustainable development, with its exceptional supply chains, Natural Origins is a committed stakeholder in the 100% natural ingredients market. A genuine added value, the "signature" ingredient of your product is based on a wide choice of product ranges and formulations dedicated to each of your projects: 






Life Science & Nutrition



Botanical Studio®


From sourcing to formulation and through to processing, our Botanical Studio®, an application laboratory for the customised design of your innovations, will accompany you through three steps to the finalisation of your product: 

1/ As part of the sourcing process, our team of experts offers you tasting sessions based on our glossaries with informed panels and validates the organoleptic quality of the botanical.

2/ The Botanical Studio® guides you in your development projects through our expertise in formulation and claims (taste, colour, origin), giving your products a strong identity in line with your customer briefing.

3/ Cooperative development: come and meet our teams at a tasting session/Workshops to discover, discuss and fine-tune the design of your product together. Botanical Studio® also offers you full-service launch and packaging support (Doypack®, sachets, etc.).



Click to download the infographic:

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