Journey to the heart of the plant universe

At Natural Origins, we are experts in the sourcing and processing of aromatic and medicinal plants. We have chosen botanical ingredients based on both their exceptional qualities and the privileged terroirs they come from, for your formulations.

We can therefore propose unique plants with authentic organoleptic properties which emphasise the flavour of your creations while offering their true potential. Discover the different production steps on this journey to the heart of the plant universe. Together we will achieve your project with a complete peace of mind: sourcing, batch control, analyses, processing, formulation with our Botanical Studio® and storage.



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Presentation of raw materials at Natural Origins


Natural Origins source over 350 plant species and produce over 2000 ingredients including 300 plants for infusions and tea, 90% of which are organic. We offer 3 sizes of cuts (0.3-2mm/3-6mm/4-10 mm), adapted to different tea bags: paper bags, pyramid or bulk, depending on your choice.

All our raw materials are analysed, representing over 1700 samples controlled every year by European laboratories. We also carry out specific analyses upon request.

Working with Natural Origins is taking advantage of our time-proven expertise through our farming supply chains established over 25 years ago. We have in-depth botanical knowledge based on our experience in sourcing. We harvest in season to keep all the freshness and totum of their properties. Our demanding effort is thus revealed in the gustative and visual qualities of your finished product which provide a remarkable taste and an attractive dimension to your various solutions. Our traceability also ensures transparency of the origins of our products.

As part of our CSR approach and ethical purchasing policy, we are committed to creating responsible and long-lasting supply chains. As such, Natural Origins has obtained the Fair For Life certification as well as the For Life label.
We actually buy our plants from our local partners, from cooperatives and from our farmers.



A 100% in-house transformation process


The transformation process of our plants involves an initial disinsectisation phase. We then proceed to cut the raw material (leaves, aerial parts, bark, roots, berries and fruits) and then develop your blend for a 100% Natural Origins recipe. For your teas and infusions, optional flavouring is done with essential oil, liquid or granulated flavouring, or even liquid extract (in compliance with the 2022 regulation).

Natural Origins has a permanent stock of 1000 tons of plants and a year-round stock of 2500 tons, which offers great formulation and range extension possibilities for your brand.



An integrated solution: the end product


To create a desire for your finished product, two fundamental criteria must be met:

     - tasting, which validates the organoleptic parameters,

     - and formulation, which allows you to match the taste sought by your customers as closely as possible.

With our plants, we offer you custom designed creations ready to sell. In this respect, and in order to present you with the appropriate solution, a dedicated project manager accompanies you with a step-by-step follow-up in three stages:

  1. Defining your project, its identity, constraints and its specificity;
  2. Formulation by our Botanical Studio® with the selection of plants, the designing, evolution of tariffs and validation;
  3. The follow-up to the distribution of the product including certification, graphic design, product manufacturing, storage and delivery.

Our different packaging’s reliability and technology are adapted to all projects.


For your teas and infusions, you have several possibilities available:

  • Paper filter bags (Cut 0.3-2mm) or Soilon pyramid type (Cut 3-6mm),
  • Opalite or paper overwraps,
  • Recyclable cardboard boxes with 12 to 20 bags per box, adaptable depending on number of bags,
  • Bulk in Doypack® format (Cut 4-10mm) or in metal or cardboard boxes.

We also organise one-day workshops for you to create your formulas in the blink of an eye. A substantial time saver and team sharing to advance together!

To sum up, based on securing our procurement supply chain, there is complete traceability for your product between the crop and the delivery of our raw material. Natural Origins thus offers you a turnkey product from its custom designed formulation going through the choice of complex and varied flavours up to the creation of 100% French formulas.



Please feel free to contact us.

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